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The Arterio Morris Situation

CONTENT WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: This article deals with the topic of sexual assault and rape. Please read with discretion.

The Kansas Jayhawks Basketball program is the center of controversy as they deal with the matters of one of their players. Texas transfer guard Arterio Morris has been accused of an alleged rape stemming from an incident at McCarthy Hall in late August, per the Kansas City Star. McCarthy Hall is known as the living quarters for Kansas Basketball players, of which Morris is a resident. Fellow Jayhawk Basketball players Johnny Furphy, Elmarko Jackson, and Nick Timberlake are listed as witnesses. Reports of the incident first started popping up over the past week, and as of now Morris is suspended from the program indefinitely. No arrests have been made as of yet, however, Morris has deleted his social media amid the investigation.

Given his past, this is an extremely sad, infuriating situation that Morris only has himself to blame for. If you do not know, Morris was previously wrapped up in an alleged domestic violence misdemeanor case earlier this year while at Texas where he caused bodily harm to an ex-girlfriend, per NBC Sports. He was set to stand trial for the charge on August 2nd, but the charges were dropped. He was never suspended by Texas or Kansas regarding the matter and was allowed to compete in the exhibition games in Puerto Rico, as well as March Madness back in March and April. He showed to be one of the more promising players in the 2023 transfer class for KU while in Puerto Rico, giving one of the best performances out of all players that made the trip. Then, this happens, and we are right back to square one with Morris.

Let it be known that while the brunt of responsibility falls on Morris as the alleged habitual perpetrator of violence against women, Kansas nor Texas is expunged from any accountability here. Mind you, Morris transferred from Texas, he was never suspended and still got to play in the NCAA Tournament even when he was set to stand trial originally March 29th, though the Denton County prosecutors handling his case did grant a rather convenient delay. As for Kansas, they knowingly took on Morris given his past wrongdoings, whether alleged or not, and now will have to answer promptly and justly to his actions. Suspension will not be enough especially if the allegations are true, he cannot be associated with the program anymore and Kansas must take action. If not, Kansas is liable for him and will have to face whatever comes. It's unfortunate, yes, but Morris chose his path and chose to blow his second chance. It shows he didn't learn a thing, mainly because he was never really punished for his FIRST incident, but even still, his actions have proven to be habitual and predatory. He is not a safe person to associate with, plain and simple. The programs responsible for allowing this unsafe person to be able to have power and acclaim need to be accountable here, again, alleged or not. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and what we have here is plenty of smoke determining that Morris is an unstable, unsafe human being that cannot be trusted with a platform. I do hope the universities involved act accordingly.

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