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Sunday Scorcher: Baylor did not Deserve the 1 Seed, and Texas Doesn't Deserve Anything Nice.

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

For this week's Sunday Scorcher, I bring you the Baylor Bears Men's Basketball team, in all their inconsistency. Baylor went into the matchup with UNC looking absolutely distraught in the beginning. UNC came and punched them in the mouth (literally!) and played a very physical first half. What happened next was Baylor doing too little too late. Guards James Akinjo and Adam Flagler did the best they could, but they could not overcome Flo Thamba being absolutely bullied in the paint. 0 points, 5 personal fouls, and an elimination for Thamba and the Bears. The Bears kryptonite made an appearance, and that is wild inconsistency. It's why this week's Sunday Scorcher is the PROCLAMATION that Baylor did NOT deserve their seeding, in fact a few teams this year didn't

However let's focus on Baylor, the defending champ. Completely overhyped by media as being a possible repeat champ, only to get absolutely bounced by KU 83-59 and barely escaping at home against them, an EMBARASSING Big 12 tournament, and overall pretty meh season for a 1 seed. They had some great wins, yes, including stellar defensive performances versus Villanova and Texas. Great talent too, guards Flagler and Akinjo are brilliant and Thamba can have his games. Top that with good bench players like Sochan and you SHOULD have an excellent program right? Eh sort of. Splitting the Big 12 title with a KU team that also underperformed to their talent and yeah you got an impressive resume, however let's talk the Big 12 tournament. Oklahoma (like UNC!) punched you in the mouth, and you never recovered. This team's physical presence is non-existent. Chalk that up to discipline? Maybe, good not to foul. Not good to have your one starting forward get throttled by guys littler than him though. Take this loss on the chin like Texas just did, who by the way was also wildly overrated to begin the year, and understand that this was a down year. Nothing personal, just happy to see I only have to cheer for the tolerable fanbases from here on out. Big 12 supremacy forever. Godspeed TCU, please send Arizona to the abyss.

Burn Notice: 12/10 Have fun in the SEC, jerks #HornsDown

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