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SKC: Season-Killing Concerns? (Potentially)

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Sporting KC is showing severe signs of a bad year, as 4 weeks in the club is 1-2, dropping 2 games in a row. Loss of key players Alan Pulido (Knee Injury) and Ilie Sanchez (LAFC) have shown to be more impactful than originally realized, as the defense has taken a downward spiral since the first match against Houston. Two big losses against Chicago and Colorado exposed that heavily. Top that off with potentially major injuries to Daniel Sailloi and Johnny Russell as well as an aging lineup, and you have a recipe for potential disaster. The key word though is "potentially", as Sporting is led by an experienced, disciplined, and proven manager in Peter Vermes, who has saved seasons before. The concern is warranted, however Sporting has no reason to worry. Trusting Vermes is the best option for them, and his ability to develop young players into key assets for the team.

It's a long season, and Sporting has a tradition in excellence. Matches will still be fun to watch, Sporting will turn around given the powers of Vermes and veteran players, and I believe Sporting can make a run at the playoffs. Losing in the Western Conference Final I know still stings, and maybe this is a bit of hangover from it, but Sporting has no excuse to be bad this year. Even developmental years show that Sporting is one of the premier MLS teams, I trust in Vermes and Co. However, these concerns cannot go unaddressed for too long.

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