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SCORCHING TAKES: What Is the Hottest KC Sports Take You Have at the Moment?

We're bringing it back folks. After a while of going without (Mainly just due to me giving you guys some time to think it over, at least that's what I am telling myself.) I am once again asking you: What is your hottest Kansas City sports take?

I will start off with mine: I do not believe the Chiefs need to sign anyone else. The team they have currently is a team that can go into this season, win the division, and do well in the playoffs/win the Super Bowl. No marquee wide receiver, no defensive presences, absolutely no one else. You have depth at wide receiver with guys that have high ceilings (Toney, James, Ross, etc.) and a defensive front seven that will already give quarterbacks and running backs grief (Jones (in all likelihood at least), Karlaftis, the LBs, Omenihu, etc.) The secondary will be better than they were last year, which is certainly saying something too. Top that off with Mahomes at QB, Pacheco and McKinnon once again in the backfield with the addition of a potential up and comer with Deneric Prince, an O-line that is one of the best in the NFL, and of course, Kelce. Side note: I almost wrote about his "underpaid" comments today, but there's really nothing there. Unless you're Dov Kleiman, I guess.

Am I saying if the Chiefs do end up signing another player that it's a bad thing? No, if they do end up signing someone else, I think it's icing on the cake, but I am saying that they will be just fine with the arsenal they have. As has been said multiple times but pundits with a good head on their shoulders (me included) when you have Patrick Mahomes you will ALWAYS have a chance. Extend Chris Jones though, if you don't this take will be reevaluated very soon.

However, what are some of your KC sports hot takes? Think the Royals turn it around next year and make the playoffs? Think the Current will be in a tailspin for the next while post-last year's successes? Believe KU will go 10-2 and win the Big 12 in football? Oh, wait I already had that hot take LOL. Anyway, give me your best and hottest takes for a chance to be featured in this week's ScorchCast as well as a shoutout on the Instagram. Another side note: I may potentially introduce a new TikTok too as I've been hearing calls for me to make one, but that remains to be decided. I digress however, let's hear your thoughts in the comments below and on social media!

Burn Notice: 10/10 Takes hotter than the sun are in store, I hope.

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