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Royals Rejoice: Matheny and Eldred the Next to Go in Management Housekeeping Spree

This is news people have been longing to hear. After falling as low as the American League's worst pitching staff, after so much young talent ruined and wasted, after turning in the most inconsistent and mediocre records year after year, after the feast or famine offense, the Royals have done the long overdue. Mike Matheny and Cal Eldred are gone, never to return. Much like the ending of one of my favorite series involving a magical ring and hobbits, "It's over, it's finally over."

The Royals continue to clean house and start anew with management, and this is probably the happiest Royals fans have been in a long time. John Sherman and JJ Piccolo have finally put their foot down, and Piccolo may very well have saved his job. It's progress, but where do the Royals go from here? A basically blank slate for management, the options almost seem limitless. Do they promote internally? Do they find a former player? A manager/assistant with proven success? It's daunting, and comes at a time where this decision must be done with care and awareness. Royals fans are unhappy and apathetic, and with the lowest home attendance since 1975, the mere thought of a new stadium is far off. This move keeps us on board, but the coming moves will determine whether Royals fans stay on board. These choices will be difficult, but so long as it is a step forward in development for this young roster, it's a win. Continuing to lose might happen for another year or two, but getting someone there that can manage a modern baseball team and making sure these young guys grow to be there best should be the main focus. The winning will come along with that, eventually at least.

What matters now is that the storm of ineptitude is finally subsiding, and we can finally have hope that it will subside for good. This is an opportunity for the Royals to renew their relationship with their fans, they need to be precise and transparent with their upcoming decisions. I'd love to know your thoughts on who you think the Royals should hire, best answers will get featured in the ScorchCast on Sunday. Who knows, maybe one of you will become the manager, you'd probably be better than at least Eldred.

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