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Royals and the Trade Deadline: What They Need to Do

The MLB trade deadline is tomorrow, and the Royals have underwhelmed thus far. Made decent moves, but have not made enough. Trading Benintendi was a start, and acquiring a good, young arm in Anthony Misiewicz will help, but there needs to be MORE. For once, I strongly encourage the Royals to be sellers rather than buyers, and there isn't even close to enough selling.

Let's start with Whit Merrifield. What happened with his comments and his politics aside, the dude clearly wants out of Kansas City. I don't care what you say about him "clearing things up" (he didn't) he's made it very clear he wants out. Give him what he wants and send him to a contender for a good outfielder, pitcher, or shortstop. He's worth that much even with a hefty slump thus far, and will in the end pay more dividends than keeping him around.

Secondly, Scott Barlow or Brad Keller. One, or even both given the Josh Hader news, has to go. They'll pay handsomely as well and considering we drafted a whole bullpen worth of players, they're expendable. Considering the market for relievers and closers, it's a no-brainer that unfortunately I am not too sure the Royals see. We'll find out tomorrow I suppose.

Finally, Michael A. Taylor and Hunter Dozier. Basically most of the veterans (not all, this isn't a fire sale) can fit here in these two spots. I choose Taylor and Dozier though because of the increased production they've had. Candidates for a trade will take notice of high recent production, and will want a piece. Get them traded for younger, and perhaps even better options. It's the thing that makes the most sense if you are truly building toward future development. No more "trying to win now" that's been lost since May, it's time to focus on how to make this team better for the future.

Overall, whatever happens tomorrow will be the determinant of whether or not the Royals screwed the pooch here. If even half of what I just listed is done then I will be at least satisfied. The Royals need to focus on the future, which requires some organizational changes as well as personnel. I'm not expecting them to fix this overnight, and making these moves won't, but it shows that the Royals front office cares about the future of this team and wants to build for better. If not, I think this front office can walk too.

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