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Round of Remy: KU Great, but not Perfect, Through Round of 32

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

KU is through to the Sweet 16. After a hard fought battle with a Creighton team who seemingly caught fire after shooting an average of 30% from beyond the arc (As is tradition for the Jayhawks), KU showed resolve on defense and buckled down just enough to escape upset 79-72. To get to the Elite 8? Beat a red hot Providence team that beat the Richmond team that beat the IOWA team that everyone thought would beat KU in the Sweet 16. Their victory, for once, did not depend on the talents of Ochai Agbaji. Remy Martin exploded for 20 points and 7 rebounds for an overall high energy (Remergy?) night. Going back to Providence, however, there has to be more than one guy to take command of this KU team. Providence is not one to be trifled with, as great perimeter shooting will be the FOCUS of this Providence team. Shooting 54% from 3 during their last game against Richmond, Nate Horchler and the Providence offense (That's right KU, their forwards can shoot) could prove dangerous to an overly anxious and soft perimeter defense KU team.

My advice to KU in order to get to the Elite 8? Prove you can cover the perimeter. If Creighton kills you from the outside then Providence will do the same if not more. There has to be an adjustment to cover the perimeter. Say what you will about the referees of these contests, I don't like them any more than you do, but they are not the reason this Creighton/KU game was close. KU has to learn to cover the 3-point line, and suffocate the opposing push. Physical play is the reason they were tournament champions of the Big 12, it has to be the reason they are national champions as well.

7/10: Y'all See Them Peacocks too???

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