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Pratto Probability: What are the Chances We See Top 1B Prospect Nick Pratto Brought Up?

I was scrolling through Twitter today, looking for a story that I could write for today's article. It's been a fairly slow sports day for Kansas City (Aside from the Raiders signing Derek Carr, which by the way is a non-issue for the Chiefs, possibly more on that later) and I was more or less stumped as to what I could use for a story. I kept seeing this name pop up everywhere on Royals' Twitter however, the name of Nick Pratto. Those that aren't really all that familiar with the Royals Minor League system may not know who this guy is, when he's one of the biggest 1st base prospects in baseball in the current moment. Obviously Bobby Witt Jr. was on the same team as him, so he got a little bit overshadowed. 66 HRs, 248 RBI, 61 stolen bases, an on base percentage of .335, and a slugging percentage of .450 for his MiLB career THUS FAR speaks for itself. 3 HRs this year and 8 RBIs so far also do. The Royals need slugging power and a solid first base presence, and this guy could be the guy if he continues to go at the rate he's going.

So when will the Royals decide that he's ready? Sooner than you think, if the Royals have any sort of sense and O'Hearn and Santana continue down an abysmal path (my goodness that last at bat for O'Hearn was ugly last night, has to find a way to make contact, and Santana is in his twilight I hate to say) He may need a bit more time to develop, but Pratto could be the answer to the 1st base question. I would say the answer of when he'll be called up is a matter of when, not if this year. Ever since the Hosmer trade the Royals have struggled mightily at one of the biggest positions in baseball, and it's time for a resolution. A guy who swings at everything and honestly doesn't play that well in the field with a guy whose best playing years are behind him are not the solution. Bring him up and see how the kid can do, maybe hotshot youth can revitalize us as it has done in San Diego or Houston (pre-cheating scandal) Fix the pitching too and we may have a solid product...and maybe do something about those TV contracts too.

Burn Notice: 6/10 a mid-May Buck Night, I will not stop, I will not falter. Give me fireworks, cheap beer, and cheap hot dogs. My ability to have a great summer DEMANDS it. Give it back.

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