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Poll: Ranking the Trade Deadline Targets

Yes yes, I know I said there probably wouldn't be another Chiefs article for some time, and I do know that the KC Current and KC Blues games are tomorrow. I have not done a poll for a LONG time though and would like to do one regarding something that has been a hot topic in Chiefs Kingdom. I'll be on site for the Blues game tomorrow against Palmer, and will be live tweeting the results as well as live thoughts and reactions. As for the Current game, I plan to be live in some capacity for that as well, whether that be on Twitter or even a live cast on Facebook. We shall see what comes, but for now humor me. Thanks.

With the signing of new Chiefs wide receiver Kadarious Toney, the Chiefs have even more speed in their receiving corps. This focus on speed seems to be the key for the Chiefs offensive gameplan, and I will be talking about that in a later article or ScorchCast as I have some thoughts and opinions on that. Let's get back on track here though, the trade deadline, though drawing ever closer, is still a bit a ways away. There are still plenty of things that could happen before that date, and the Chiefs have a treasure trove of draft picks to possibly trade away for immediate capital. With a bye week, I expect the Chiefs front office to hash out their gameplan as to how to go about the upcoming trade deadline. Names such as Odell Beckham Jr., Josh Allen (No not that one, the pass rusher one) Bryan Burns, Kareem Hunt (lol) and a few others have made their rounds all over the media as rumored targets, but the question is, where do the Chiefs go? Do they continue to build on their receivers? Perhaps bring another running back into the fold? Or do they bring in another piece to help spark the pass rush to the best of their ability? Let's break it down, and vote on who you, the fans, would want to see:

Receivers: OBJ, Brandin Cooks, DJ Moore

Once again, with the signing of Kadarious Toney the Chiefs have bolstered their receiving corps that much more. Do they continue to do so? OBJ as most of us know has been in circulation for quite some time, he's a veteran wide receiver that if healthy, can be a huge contributor and mentor for this young corps. I would say if the Chiefs continue to hammer home receivers, he is the top target, but names like Brandin Cooks and DJ Moore have also popped up. DJ Moore I believe is a bit too expensive, but bringing on Brandin Cooks could fit the speed mold the Chiefs are going for as well as bring in a vet that's been around the league for a minute. I think there are better options than continuing to throw bodies at the receiving corps though, and cluttering it up too much could give cause to a complete breakdown of that position. You don't want Juju or Hardman to leave (at least not yet) so doing your best to prevent as much damage as possible will be important, however I fear the damage has already partly been done with the signing of Toney. I feel that it'll be a game of ultimatums with the receiving corps depending on performances... and adding another to the mix may muddle it up further.

Running Backs: Kareem Hunt, Alex Mattison, Mark Ingram

I have no idea why Mark Ingram is on this list, but he's been talked about so he is included. It's a similar situation with the running backs, many bodies could give way to too many cooks in the kitchen. Yes, the running back room has been fairly unproductive, but that is due to a lack of coaching, not talent. Pacheco, McKinnon, and CEH have all shown they have ability and the running back by committee play has worked at least in part, shoot there's even thoughts about Ronald Jones being brought into the fold again. However, if you know Chiefs Kingdom, they're going to want an immediate fix to a problem that is being fixed as we speak. That shows more than anywhere else with the running back position. The Chiefs don't need Hunt back, Mattison is going to go elsewhere, and I laughed out loud at the tweet that said the Chiefs are rumored to be looking at Mark Ingram. Yes, let's take on the running back that has yet to cement himself into a starting role his entire pro career. I see this as the least likely of all the positions to see a guy signed to the Chiefs by the deadline, I could be wrong though...

Pass Rush: Bryan Burns, Josh Allen, Cam Jordan

This is the most likely position to see action out of the three, at least in my opinion. The Chiefs have guys that can get to the QB, but it's not enough. George Karlaftis is getting pressures, but he's not getting sacks, Carlos Dunlap is fine I guess, Frank Clark is being well...Frank Clark (He's also suspended) and the interior is pretty much the only bright spot (and L'Jarius Sneed???) in terms of rushing the passer. They need one more, preferably younger veteran presence to bolster this underperforming unit. It should be so much better than it is, and could very well just need that push to get them over the hump. Unlike the previously mentioned other two as well, the depth isn't a potential issue. Anyone who is signed will make an immediate impact. My top two choices are Josh Allen and Bryan Burns, though Burns seems to have a high asking price from the Panthers. They allegedly rejected a two first round pick deal for him. The same goes for Cam Jordan, and not only that, Jordan will ask for a lot if he is signed. He's one of the best pass rushers in the NFL, he will not be cheap. My guess is Josh Allen coming off of his rookie contract will be the Chiefs' best option. He will certainly want a lot of money, but I think it's more doable than Burns and Jordan.

Overall, I believe the Chiefs will try to get OBJ for cheap as well as bolster their pass rush. If all goes well, I believe they end up with Allen, OBJ, and perhaps a cheap running back to fully complete the "needs" list. In MY best case scenario, I think they pick up Allen then go get perhaps a secondary piece along with getting OBJ for cheap. The common denominator here though is this: If the Chiefs are to pursue OBJ, they need to be frugal and recognize that it could result in guys like Mecole Hardman or Juju Smith-Shuster leaving for greener pastures. While that may sound like a necessary loss for some, I believe you play the long game here with your youth. Hardman balled out in last week's game against the 49ers scoring 3 touchdowns, the first receiver to score multiple rushing TDs and a receiving TD in a game in the Super Bowl Era (Sorry Deebo) Smith Shuster is starting to show he's worth the payday as well, making clutch catches and being the most reliable hands on the team thus far other than Kelce. Do the Chiefs continue to bank on the upward trend? Or do they go out and splurge for a proven baller? That I think is the main question here, that and which pass rusher should they go after. I think all roads point to pursuing a pass rusher. That may just be me though, I'd love to know your thoughts on the matter as well. Best answers will be featured on Sunday in the ScorchCast. What do you think the Chiefs should do before the trade deadline?

Burn Notice: 9/10 Please don't hate me for not doing a Current or Blues article

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