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Poll: Has Patrick Mahomes Cemented His MVP?

Patrick Mahomes is a very, very good quarterback. So good actually, he regularly gets downplayed by pundits to make sure he doesn't win MVP EVERY year. Seriously, if you do not understand that Mahomes is a once in a generation quarterback by now, you're probably just a Raiders fan. Mahomes showed his prowess in excess in yesterday's rivalry win against the Los Angeles Chargers 30-27. Going down 23-27 late, Mahomes led a classic, clutch comeback that we have seen very few quarterbacks do so regularly. The connection between Travis Kelce and Mahomes showed once again in droves, and the Chiefs swept the Chargers in the regular season once again.

The major question burning in a lot of peoples' minds now is has Patrick Mahomes cemented his MVP? Many say he has done more than enough, but has he done more than others? Jalen Hurts has led his Eagles' squad to a 9-1 record, a far cry from what they were predicted to do. He's a fantasy leader, a dual threat QB, and has been all but solely responsible for most Eagles' wins. Then you have the preseason favorite, Josh Allen. Allen has also shown fantasy prowess, clutch performance, and a solid winning record. However, Allen has been hurt, has shown vintage (in a bad way) performances, and his Bills are struggling to hold onto the top spot in the AFC East. The team that does currently hold onto said top spot? Tua Tagavailoa and Tyreek Hill's Dolphins. Both also up for MVP consideration. If the Dolphins continue to surge, we could see media attention and in turn, MVP votes, towards the newly crowned dynamic duo featuring the former Chief. Patrick Mahomes has competition even on his own team, as Travis Kelce makes a push for votes with being one of two players with double digit receiving TDs with 11, as well as being only 145 yards away from 1000 yards receiving on the year on 69 receptions. Nice stats, I'd say.

However, Mahomes has one thing the rest of these guys don't, and that's consistency. Even on his worst nights Mahomes is still a factor to be reckoned with in these games. On his WORST years, he's thrown for over 4000 yards and over 25 TDs. A major problem people have with Mahomes is that they expect perfection, so even when his stats are spectacular, they are doubted in the scope of MVP voting and talking best overall QB seasons. THIS is what makes Mahomes different from the pack, is that he is the only one out of the group that gets this kind of treatment. Mahomes is a winner, AND a stats superstar consistently throughout his career, and therefore people expect greatness and flawlessness. It both helps, and hurts the more than likely Canton bound KC QB.

I ask you, the audience, if you believe Patrick Mahomes, with his previous performance, has cemented his win in the MVP race. Do you think we need to wait and see what happens with other candidates/Mahomes himself? Do you think other candidates have had better performances? What factors do you bring into your decision? Let me know, and get a chance to be featured on the upcoming ScorchCast. Patrick Mahomes is quickly becoming a regular in the "G.O.A.T." conversation, but will the hype outweigh the man one day?

Burn Notice: 10/10 Mahomes burned down LA yesterday

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