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Poll: DeAndre Hopkins. Will He? Won't He? Who Cares?

The biggest topic of Chiefs free agency thus far has been the potential signing of star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins went for 2696 yards on 221 receptions (12.19 yards per reception) and 17 touchdowns the 3 years he was with the Cardinals. The Cardinals are asking for a 2nd round pick along with a player as their base price for Hopkins. He is a proven wide receiver, a certified top ten talent, and would benefit the Chiefs if signed.

So, what gives? The Chiefs can absolutely afford that asking price given how many picks they have as well as players like Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Justin Watson as viable trade options, and like I had mentioned earlier, he is a top ten receiving talent that will give Mahomes another marquee weapon. Why haven't they signed him yet? Well, it's not entirely up to Hopkins. I believe this is the main thing that is keeping the deal from getting done, as the Cardinals also have a say in who Hopkins goes to. They're going to go to the highest bidder that would benefit their team the most in a trade, which is why they're waiting and seeing what is out there. The Chiefs may not be that team that would give them the best future outlook, so they're skittish on just going with the Chiefs here. Not to mention that Hopkins will want a big deal more than likely, and it's possible the Chiefs don't have that kind of cash. They still have to extend Chris Jones and make sure one of their biggest assets is secured, so there may be a bit of time before any move is made. The smoke is there though, so there could be fire.

However, if the Chiefs end up not signing him, how big of a deal is it? What is the plan? Will the Chiefs have the worst receiving corps in the whole entire league if he doesn't sign with them? they won't. They still have Travis Kelce and other, less attractive but still serviceable receivers. Not only that, but there's also other options in free agency. I know it burns a lot of people's ears, but Odell Beckham, Jr. could be viable if he lowers his asking price, and there are others that could potentially be good. Finally, the draft features some pretty promising receiving talent even up into day 2. Xavier Hutchinson out of Iowa State and Trey Palmer out of Nebraska are two interesting potential day 2 picks, and in terms of day 1 the Chiefs can absolutely trade up to get one like Jaxon Smith-Njigba. Brett Veach has had a lot of success in drafting, so it wouldn't surprise me if they just straight up went through the draft to find their next WR1.

However, I ask you, my community, what you think the Chiefs will end up doing in regard to their wide receiver room and the potential Hopkins trade. Do you think it eventually goes through? If not, what do you think they'll end up doing? Do they even have to do anything at all? Let me know on social media and the comments below!

Burn Notice: 9/10 Chiefs' Twitter is burning to the ground right now over this...

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