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Poll: Best Facial Hair in KC Sports History

In the spirit of Movember, an event that promotes men's mental health awareness by men growing mustaches and raising money, I have a poll for you all to vote in. Kansas City has seen many a fantastic facial hair from our athletes. Whether it be Jared Allen's casual side burn/beard combo, showing how much of a "dude" he is and wearing the chinstrap with pride, Travis Kelce's suave, well kept fade with stache, like half of the 1985 Royals roster rocking magnificent mustaches. The list goes on, but here are my top 3 fabulous facial follicles in all of KC sports:

  1. Andy Reid

The man, the myth, the walrus, Andy Reid rocks perhaps the most prominent stache in all NFL HISTORY, let alone Kansas City sports history. A look that defines the man, that defines a legacy. Truly iconic.

2. Eric Hosmer

Hoz is just a good looking guy, there's no denying that. He rocks that beard and quasi-mullet combo, looking smooth and suave with an albeit generally informal and messy style for most. That combo was truly royal, and was rightfully crowned in 2015 when the Royals became World Champs.

3. Graham Zusi

The standard "IPA Guy" look, yes, but Zusi was one of the first to set the trend. Rocking the hair and beard style really since he first started playing for SKC, Zusi is perhaps the best Sporting KC player of all time. His facial hair is rightfully bestowed upon him, as that is the beard of champions. Just wish the look didn't make me think of patchouli and music festivals over soccer...

What about you? Think these guys have the best beards and staches in KC sports history? Perhaps you have a more classic option you're thinking of a la '85 Royals? Let me know your thoughts, and consider donating to the link below for men's mental health awareness. I want to start to use my platform to raise money and be an asset to my community, and what better way to start than with a group I've already worked with and donated to. The Movember message is highly important to me as someone who has struggled with mental health in years' past. The stigma behind men getting help and being cared for like they should needs to end, and it will only end with action. Please consider donating, and vote in the poll. Best alternative answers get featured in the ScorchCast.

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