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Poll: Are the Royals Going to Be Good Again in the Next 5 Years?

The 2023 Royals baseball season has been a wash. Vinnie Pasquantino is out for the year, they have the worst record in baseball with 95 games left to go, the pitching stinks sans Aroldis Chapman (who in all likelihood is getting traded before the year is over) and Zach Greinke, and the offense is inconsistent as all get out. They would have to win 46% of their remaining 95 games to even go so far as break even on the season at .500. That's where this franchise is at now, and with MLB draft lottery rules preventing them from getting a lottery pick in the draft in 2025, 2024 seems like a real make-or-break season for the Royals in terms of bringing on talent and obtaining all the building blocks to be a contender. They have some as of now, Bobby Witt, Jr., Vinnie, MJ, and the younger guys still have time to prove themselves and show they can be here to build a contending team. However, it will all depend on a few minor factors, as well as the big one, and that big one is if John Sherman is willing to spend the money on the talent needed to bring in a contender. As of now, his focus is on the new stadium, where it obviously shouldn't be if he expects anyone to fill the seats of that stadium, much less pay for it using public funds.

Can Sherman listen to the fans and analysts that are telling him to do the right thing, or will the Royals fanbase have to go full on Oakland As by having a reverse boycott and chant "Sell the Team" at a game just a mere 3 years into the Sherman regime? Does it fall solely on Sherman? The answer to both these questions, is no, thankfully. Yes, the Royals are the worst team in baseball right now. Yes, John Sherman is a goober who doesn't have his priorities straight in regard to how to properly run a MLB organization, and if this dumpster fire continues to rage on, there's a possibility his hand will be forced sooner rather than later. Over the next 5 years though there is room for optimism. This is an organization with first year management at the helm. They inherited the dumpster fire (as well as Sherman, yes, but he's the one that could be doing a lot more here) and are doing what they can to prevent it. We've seen flashes of what they're capable of, the Royals have looked good, heck, great some games when the right lineup is out there and the pitching is on. However, the clock is already ticking, and they're not working fast enough or efficiently enough for the fanbase's liking, John Sherman certainly hasn't done them any favors either. IF Sherman can give these guys the right tools for the job, I'd love to see what they could potentially do with it though. I like Matt Quatraro, I like Brian Sweeney, and I like this Royals management. A reminder that Ned Yost wasn't exactly great right off the bat (no pun intended) either. In summary, if Sherman can straighten out his priorities, I'd like to see where this team ends up in the next 5 years. If he can't, the Royals may be stuck in baseball Hell for a long time.

What are your thoughts regarding the issue though? Do you think the Royals have a shot at being good over the next couple years? What do the Royals need to do in order to become a contender? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Burn Notice: 7/10 Dumpster fire is raging, who's putting it out?

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