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Poll #2: Should Orlando Brown Jr. Get Paid?

The Chiefs took a win on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, 20-17 in overtime, with an astounding performance from the defense and Patrick Mahomes. Everywhere else? Okay at best to horrendous at worst. The Chiefs showed that they could hang tough, but not thrive tough against a TOUGH Tennessee team. It seemed like they got bullied all night by incredibly physical play, and although the defense eventually shored up and made plays, they looked overmatched physically especially through those first 2 quarters. The most underperforming unit? The offensive line. Many people who are apologists for this, all things considered, overrated group will tell you that most sacks that Patrick Mahomes took on Sunday were coverage sacks, and while it's true for like, two of those sacks, the majority came about due to severe under-physicality and an outright dominating performance from the Titan defensive line. There's a reason the Chiefs made minimal gains on the ground outside of Patrick Mahomes improvising, and that's because this unit got worked in both the pass and run block.

One guy in particular took the brunt of the punishment, and it's a guy that SHOULD be playing out of his mind right now but simply isn't. That player is Orlando Brown, Jr., and underperforming has become a trend over his past couple of games. Is he put up against some of the league's best this year? With the likes of Joey Bosa, Maxx Crosby, Brendan Browning, and others being your competition twice a year, I would say yes. Yet, in lies the issue. Brown wants to get paid like a top 5 tackle in the NFL, the likes of Trent Williams if you will. If he cannot consistently stop guys like Bosa, Crosby, and company, then he has not lived up to that payday, at least in my opinion. Yet here he is, struggling with the likes of Bud Dupree and Jeffery Simmons at absolute worst case scenario. This is not a top 5 tackle in the NFL, and by the looks of it? It's an effort issue. Brown seems slow, undisciplined, and in some cases outright lackadaisical. This is not a man that is playing like he wants to get paid, and it's time people see through to that. He's allowed some of the highest sack totals on the team, and when (and I mean absolutely no offense to Andrew Wylie) Andrew Wylie outperforms you, there's a big issue.

However, I ask you, Chiefs Kingdom, what your opinion is on the matter. Feel free to leave a comment or defend Orlando Brown, Jr. if you think he should in fact get paid. Who knows, you may convince me and make me look like a fool on my own ScorchCast. Wouldn't that be funny? For you, yes it would. For you....

Burn Notice: 9/10 Skillet is hot for some pancakes, all it needs is the mix to be laid down...

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