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Playoff Time: Fantasy Football Update

At the beginning of the football season, I had promised that there would be weekly updates for fantasy football. Though I did provide them in the ScorchCast, I never wrote the articles stating who to start, who to sit, etc. For that, I sincerely apologize. I meant to do so but Kansas City sports is a very wide array of topics with plenty of noteworthy stories. HOWEVER, I want to write this article to #1: Congratulate the playoff bound teams in the BKCFL as well as give an update as to how that is going, but #2: To give tips and tricks for those who are playoff bound. Let's get started!


SEMIFINAL #1: KC Plow Boys (Mike DeDonder) vs. Average Joes (Clayton Merrigan)

The Average Joes, led by GM Clayton Merrigan, have commanded the league really since Week 1. Standing at 12-2, they're the 1 seed in the semifinals. With fantasy juggernauts such as Joe Burrow, Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, Tyreek Hill, and Davante Adams, it's easily seen how this team won so many games. The Average Joes will just have to stay the course these next two weeks, and they can cruise to a championship. Davante Adams is playing against a fairly weak New England pass defense, however the rest of the team will have a decent challenge heading in. Burrow will be at Tampa Bay playing against that stout defense (That has been flawed as of recent, but don't think they'll take that San Fran loss lying down) Derrick Henry is going against a solid run defense in the Chargers as is Barkley with the Commanders, and Tyreek Hill will be battling Tre'davious White in Buffalo. These matchups will give the Plow Boys a chance. The Plow Boys have Jerry Jeudy against Arizona and Travis Kelce against Houston, which will be their bell cows this week (Mike knows a thing or two about cows I hear) and Dalvin Cook will be going up against a fairly brittle run defense with Indy. This being said, Geno Smith will have a challenge on his hands against San Fran, as will Tyler Lockett. This game is plenty winnable though for the Plow Boys and will be fun to watch unfold. Either roster as it stands could win, and I see no trades or bench players needing to be brought up.

SEMIFINAL #2: Berlin Twistakers (Brandon Elifrits) vs. Team Merr (Tyler Merrigan)

This one will be just as competitive as the last I feel, as once again both rosters are stacked, and I see no real changes needing to be made. The Twistakers have firepower in Josh Allen vs. Miami, Isiah Pacheco vs. Houston, and Adam Thielen vs. Indy, while Team Merr has Jalen Hurts vs. Chicago, Marc Andrews vs. Cleveland, and Joe Mixon vs. Tampa Bay (Again, depending on which TB team shows up) This one could go either way depending on who gets hot, as the matchups across the board are solid. Team Merr has the edge I think at QB, TE, and the RBs, however the rest I believe belongs to the Twistakers. Again, pretty even down the line and another exciting matchup. My only suggestion is Brandon take Robert Tonyan over Tyler Higbee to give you a bit less of a mismatch at TE, but other than that we have ourselves a solid game at hand.

CONSULATION GAME #1: The Burn KC (This one should be obvious) vs. Team 5 (Courtney Merrigan)

Yes... I am dead last in my own fantasy league. Laugh all you want, I kept it close basically every game. Think of my squad as the Detroit Lions of last year, a team with grit and heart, but not wins. The same can be said for Team 5, however this squad started getting hot late. With only one loss the past 6 weeks, Team 5 could have very well made the semifinals if the Twistakers or Plow Boys faltered. Alas though, they face the lowly Burn, but will have a solid showing for it I'm sure. Jamaar Chase, Latavius Murray, and Miles Sanders will more than likely carry this squad to victory, but the QB situation is where it gets hairy for Team 5. Starting quarterback Lamar Jackson is is bench QB Kyler Murray...A hole at QB could very well doom Team 5, but it's a consolation game. Does anyone really care? I certainly do, and would be more than willing to trade Matthew Stafford over to Team 5 for...wait. He's hurt too. Yikes. Well hopefully the team of underachievers known as The Burn KC can take this challenge on. Hopefully Keenan Allen stays healthy, Justin Herbert isn't forced to throw checkdowns, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are the Browns offense, and Jonathan Taylor will actually find a hole to run through. Another solid contest, the only difference is no implications.

CONSULATION GAME #2: Kansas City Chrohawks (Melissa DeDonder) vs. Kansas City Steinlys (Erin Leatherman)

Man, lots of KC based teams in this league. Seems a bit biased but oh well, I'm not the commissioner. Oh wait I am... Eh, is what it is. KC is a great city. Anyways, back to the point, my mother's squad will be taking on one of her teacher's squads in consulation game #2. The Steinlys regrettably lost out on a playoff spot after hitting a 3-game skid, and will have to settle for taking on the Chrohawks for a moral victory. The injuries sure didn't help, as Russell Wilson, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Zach Ertz, and Mecole Hardman all came down with the injury bug. However, bell cows such as Christian McCaffrey, CeeDee Lamb, and Tee Higgins, as well as Stephon Diggs on the bench(?) could possibly carry this squad to one final victory and possibly to 3rd place if another win is in the cards after this one. I wouldn't count on it though, as the injuries may have become too much to bear. As for the Chrohawks, a fully healthy roster will be taking on the Steinlys to advance to the 3rd place game. Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson, George Kittle, and AJ Brown highlight this team, and by all accounts have a big chance to advance. Unluckily for the Chrohawks, Patrick Mahomes is on the bench, and these easy wins couldn't come in the regular season. Still, bronze is a pretty color right? I believe the Chrohawks have the best chance out of the consulation teams to get there.

Overall (A commissioner's note here) I am very happy with how the season turned out. Thank you to each and every one of you that participated and made this league fun and interesting. Good luck to everyone as we enter the playoffs, may the odds be ever in your favor and let's see who wins that $40 grand prize. Next year, expansion is quite likely, and the prize will be bigger if so, so stay tuned for the 2023 season, and have those teams ready come September!

Burn Notice: 10/10 Fantasy football fire sales galore

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