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Owing Orlando: Chiefs Strive to Pay Orlando Brown, Jr.

Orlando Brown, Jr. is on the franchise tag, something that despite the Chiefs' best efforts to not let happen, happened. Now with training camp beginning, Brown is a no show. The deal was handsome, 6 years, $130 million according to Mike Garafalo of the NFL Network. Clearly not handsome enough, as Brown demanded $25 million a year equating to $150 million on a similar deal. Hiring an agent, Brown does not look like he is going to back down any time soon. Veach and the Chiefs are frustrated with Brown's camp, and rightfully so. To give praise to Mahomes and to pull this shows immaturity and greed on Brown's part. Very Tyreek Hill-esque, the Chiefs were more than willing to make Brown and Hill the highest paid players at their respective positions, yet insist on getting paid more. Absolutely ridiculous and churlish, and I'm not even coming at this as a Chiefs fan. Rather a football fan that while recognizing that money dominates this business, being greedy, snide, and downright dishonest regarding a team that has given you opportunity after opportunity shows incredibly poor character and a mindset that is poisonous to not only the team, but to the player's respective career. How would any team want you when you continue to demand a higher sum for your services, knowing full well the price for performance declines rather than escalates most of the time?

Let Orlando Brown hold out all he wants, eventually I believe a deal will get done when Brown comes to his senses and realizes nobody is going to pay that much for him unless he can show that he truly is the best tackle in the game, which he hasn't. A great tackle, but not the greatest. Not only that, but the Chiefs have depth at his position. After signing two tackles yesterday, the Chiefs have a deep roster of O-linemen. Joe Thuney would be the most likely candidate for blind side blocker, something he too excels at and can be good in. Darian Kinnard also is quickly developing, and could be a force on this Chiefs line in the coming years. The Chiefs are playing the long game and using this year as development, and though the goal is still a Super Bowl, developing around Patrick Mahomes and putting young talent that can soar in to develop and become great is also important. The Chiefs can do this with or without Orlando Brown, Jr. and until he proves that he's irreplaceable, frankly speaking I don't mind not paying him just yet.

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