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NFL Fantasy Week 1 Start 'Em, Sit 'Em, Trade 'Em

I figured I can give away SOME of my fantasy football secrets to my dearest readers. Be grateful you get to receive such gifts, depending on how I do in fantasy you may not get them again. Call it old fashioned, but this series will be your typical Start 'em, Sit 'em, Trade 'em where I give three players you should start, sit, or trade for the week. Given my incredible skills in predictive analytics, expect these to be 100% accurate and guaranteed to win your fantasy matchup (Obvious sarcasm, but these are indeed worth noting.)

Let's begin...

Start 'Em: Browns Running Backs.

As the Browns start out their season without oh so famous woman respecter DeShaun Watson (again, obvious sarcasm) expect their run game to be the bulk of the offense with Jacoby Brissett at the helm. Kareem Hunt (Yet another respecter of women, he said facetiously) and Nick Chubb have always put up good points for GMs that have them, and don't expect anything different when they go up against a weak Carolina defense. This being said, Baker Mayfield may have the game of his life and the Panthers may explode, taking sweet revenge on this stain of a franchise we call the Browns (How fitting of a name for said stain)

Sit 'Em: Darnell Mooney, Chicago Bears

Mooney is perhaps the best receiver the Bears have right now, which isn't saying much but it's basically proven fact as their receivers keep dropping like flies due to either injury or lawlessness. This is not to say he will have a big game though, however. Mooney and the Bears will have to go up against what will be an all-around tough San Francisco defense. Nick Bosa, Charvarius Ward (Yes, the former Chief), and Fred Werner will all make their presence known throughout the game, and with the way the Bears O-Line is structured Fields will still have trouble getting the ball away before he's absolutely mobbed. Top that with not that wide of an array of options, and the Bears might be in trouble this season. Sit Mooney.

Trade 'Em: Any Chiefs Running Back

This is not to say the Chiefs are bad at the position, but rather the position is too "By committee" at this time to really define who is going to come away with the lion's share of fantasy points. If you have a Chiefs RB currently, I say you package them with perhaps an okay wide receiver as well to go out and get a star back that'll get the load of the work. If it were only two backs, then I'd say keep 'em, however the Chiefs are currently dealing with 4 potential starters at the position. Again, not a bad thing, in fact it offers a lot of versatility for the backfield, but not the type you want if you're wanting a certain player to grab you points. Wait and see, and maybe one of them will stick their head out above the rest.

In short, we're finally here folks. Football season is upon us and soon, fantasy glory and cooler weather will bequeath us with their presence. May we celebrate the best we can, and pray to the football gods our fantasy (and real life) teams do well. Praise be.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Football is BACK BABY

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