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NBA Combine: Two Hawks Get Solid Reps, Agbaji Passes on Scrimmages

The NBA Combine is upon us, and while Kansas City does not have an NBA team (yet), there's still plenty of excitement for two Jayhawks that could see lottery draft status. Christian Braun and Ochai Agbaji were both invited to the combine, with Jalen Wilson and David McCormack not being invited (a good sign for those wanting them to return) Both Braun and Agbaji though posted solid numbers, notable stats that have posted shown below (via

Christian Braun

Vertical Leap: 40 inches, 3rd among all prospects, 2nd among all guards

Lane Agility: 11 seconds

Shuttle Run: 3.13 seconds

Three Quarter Sprint: 3.16 seconds

Max Bench: TBD

Ochai Agbaji

Vertical Leap: 39 inches, 4th among all prospects, 3rd among all guards

Lane Agility: 10.77 seconds, 4th among all guards

Shuttle Run: 3.11 seconds

Three Quarter Sprint: 3.13 seconds

Max Bench: TBD

Now obviously combine statistics are absolutely not what you should fully base a player off of, however this is an impressive showing from both Braun and Agbaji thus far. There lies a kicker though, and that is that Agbaji has chosen to not participate in the combine scrimmages. Good combine numbers aside, this could hurt his draft stock, Ochai has stated though that he's not taking any chances with his health. Smart decision given his combine numbers and interview success? Guess we'll just have to see. Braun will be scrimmaging later today, and he's probably the most interesting prospect of the two.

We know Ochai will land highly, however for Braun this combine will more than likely determine if an NBA team says he is worth a high draft pick. He will be picked up, the question is where. Most mock drafts that I have seen have him going to Golden State, with Ochai going to Charlotte. If that is the case, Braun will have to fight for a position, as Golden State's guards are extremely deep. However he will be learning from some of the best in Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Ochai ending up in Charlotte could be the difference for that Hornet squad. They just missed out on the playoffs this year and part of that was due to lack of really anyone besides Lamelo Ball being the key offensive focus. Ochai could play that role masterfully, and could blossom into a star with a team such as that. As I said, the NBA is not in KC as of yet, but seeing where these guys end up raises ears here in Jayhawk Nation.

Burn Notice: 6/10 Mild heat

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