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Naughty or Nice List: Sports Edition

In the spirit of the holiday season and with Christmas being only 6 days away, I thought why not do something fun? Something whimsical? Something that coincides with the spirit of the season? What better way to do that, then to play the man himself Santa Claus? We'll be comprising a naughty or nice list for KC sports, leave your comments down below of anyone that I missed, or if you disagree with one/would like to add onto one! Nice is made up of athletes, teams, coaches, or personnel that have impressed, while the naughty list is made up of, well, the opposite. Let's get started, shall we? Who will get all the presents and who will get nothing but coal this year?


  1. Isiah Pacheco

Isiah Pacheco has emerged as one of the top rookie running backs in this year's NFL draft. Tallying up 677 yards on 139 carries, 3 TD (will more than likely end up with more given more attention to the run game given by Bienemy and Reid) and 10 receptions for 80 yards. He is on pace to be a 1000-yard rusher (Kansas City's first since 2017 with Kareem Hunt) and runs like an absolute madman. If you can discount the 3 fumbles (mainly due to circumstance and not poor handling) then he's everything you could ask for and more in a 7th round pick. I am super excited to see how he gets utilized and what he'll do over the next couple of years. Definitely on the nice list this year and hopefully for years to come.

2. Jerome Tang and Dennis Gates

I'm kind of cheating here having two coaches on one line of the list, but there's a reason they're both here. Both are first year head basketball coaches at struggling institutions, those institutions being Kansas State and Missouri respectively, and both have already worked a new energy and light into their respective programs. Both squads are 10-1 to start the year and have had some good wins over programs that they would otherwise have struggled with in years past. Both have done wonders so far in the transfer portal and recruiting process and have their programs on track for future success. Not only that, but their programs could also see an NCAA tournament in their future with how well they're doing this year. Conference play has not started yet, but don't be surprised if either of these two teams shock the world and become mid-level to high-level teams in their conference after being bottom feeders the past couple of years. Nice list: Secured for both these guys (So far)

3. The KC Current

The KC Current has been on a roll this year. Not only has their on the field product been stellar, making the NWSL final after what was an elite level, record-breaking season, but they also are making moves off the field by breaking ground on a new, first of its kind stadium and training facility (the latter of which is already done and super impressive) broke the record for largest NWSL crowd at 10,395, and have had multiple viral moments, including the "fake injury twerk" celebration done by Lo'eau Labonta which started a fun, widespread trend of new celebrations around the sporting world. Overall, it was a landmark year for the team, and should only get better and more fun with years to come once the new stadium is operational. Impressive stuff gets you on the nice list, and with how impressive the Current have been over the past couple of months, they more than deserve to be here.


  1. The Kansas City Royals

Ah yes, the old friend from this past summer rears their ugly head once again. A 65-97 season, the lowest attendance since 1975 (excluding the COVID year), organizational turmoil that has led to the firings of basically everyone major in the front office/management realm, and an overall cloud of fanbase apathy and frustration have plagued the Royals this year. Not to mention the contract with Bally still existing as if people can afford it/want to watch this terrible team on TV... Things are looking up though at least. They've got a good young core that hopefully won't get sold away, new management and front office staff looks promising as do the player additions that have happened thus far, and honestly it can't get any worse... can it? I'm going to remain optimistic and say no, however with key veteran pieces like Salvador Perez (i.e., the last real remnant of the 2015 World Series) coming to the end of their careers, things need to turn around and they need to turn around soon. See to it, and this team will find themselves off this list, until then however...

2. Eli Drinkwitz

Before you come after me and say how he signed an extension, is a player's coach, "He hasn't had time to recruit yet, just wait till next year!" Spare me it. He's a certified goober. This bozo has proven that he is the new boss, same as the old boss for Missouri Tiger football. He's not Gary Pinkel, he won't save the Tigers. One good recruit that you're going to run into the ground until he decides to figure it out and transfer away is not going to change that. Before you go making a buffoon of yourself on national TV as your university's basketball program is getting trounced, maybe check your facts for one as that whole "Five violations" BS isn't exactly checking out anymore (and you DEFENDED the NCAA, way to go bootlicker) but also be somebody that will actually mean something to your program. You have not proven that yet, yet you act like you're the Big Man on Campus. 6-6 won't cut it in the SEC, just ask Arkansas, and until you can show the SHOW ME State that you're worth that extension, keep your mouth shut. By the way, having allegations of you ducking the Liberty Bowl because you might have to play your longtime out of conference rival (of whom is turning around their football program, would have made the nice list had I not limited it to three, and could potentially have a Big 12 Championship caliber program by next year) looks very, very bad. Maybe actually address those too instead of once again making a buffoon of yourself on social media by dodging the question and just posting a pic of the city of Memphis. You naughty, silly little man...

3. Orlando Brown Jr.

Mr. Big Bucks himself makes this list. Boy oh boy have you not played to your paygrade at all this year. 71.7 grade on PFF, near the top in total pressures allowed this year, 5 penalties (Ranked 37th there) and has allowed 4 sacks this year after saying "No one is going to touch Patrick Mahomes" Well Orlando, defenses have been touching Patrick Mahomes, and they've been touching him a lot. You are far from the worst offensive lineman in the league or that the Chiefs have even, but for someone who wants to get paid like the top tackle in the league you are FAR from that level of play. Before you spout off about how you're unhappy, unmotivated, or whatever excuse you have as to why your level of play has significantly dropped, maybe ask yourself "Does this look good if I would like a new, bigger contract from ANY team, not just the Chiefs?" Does this attitude and level of play reflect what a guy like say, Trent Williams has done for his team? My answer is absolutely not, and until you can achieve that you won't get paid like him and you'll end up getting coal in your stocking for being whiny and just average at your position. Do something about it, and maybe Chiefs Kingdom and the coaching staff will get off your back.

And there you have it, 3 naughty and 3 nice. If you have some to add or disagree/want to add on, like I said just leave a comment and it'll be featured in next week's ScorchCast. Happy Holidays everyone, and remember, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm telling you why. The Burn KC is coming to town to #BurnItDown.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Make sure to light that second candle for Hannukah tonight, for all those who celebrate!

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