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MoKan Rising: High School Football Garners Recruiting Attention

That's right, I'm writing about high school sports now too! If you'd want me to cover them more let me know in the comments below, but I definitely wanted to cover this topic as it #1: Pertains to college athletics, and #2: It's in the area, so it meets the criteria even if I wasn't considering covering high school sports on the site. Back to the topic at hand though, Missouri and Kansas high school football has grown steadily in terms of talent crop and D1 prospects. When I was a high schooler, you had your definite D1 guys, but they were few and far between on most rosters, if any at all. Looking at the past couple years however and the recruits that have come out of Missouri and Kansas, and you see a much wider variety of both schools and athletes.

Why is that you might ask? Why are guys like Mudia Reuben, Dylan Edwards, Luther Burden, and Avery Johnson garnering so many D1 offers whereas a few years back you really didn't see a ton of D1 talent even make it to D1AA? The reason, is that colleges are taking notice of these schools that are building their football programs, the same reason college football is structured as a sort of arms race is the same way high school is doing it now too (and has been doing it for years in places like Texas and California) The talent crop is growing due to better coaches, facilities, equipment, stadiums, and ever-growing communities around here that require high schools to take on bigger class sizes. In the past year alone we've seen such a meteoric rise in scouts coming to town because the local D1 colleges are finally focusing on their home states (much like you know, K-State was doing for years) and giving these kids a chance because of the connections coaches have and the growth displayed by their schools. It's an excellent and welcome opportunity for these kids, and I'm excited to see what kind of talent comes out of the MoKan area in the near future.

Again, let me know if you'd want to see me cover high school sports more in depth. The reason I haven't really focused on it too much is it was basically out of season when I started this website, but I'd welcome another topic to my ideas arsenal!

Burn Notice: 10/10 Y'all feel how hot it was today??? Good grief.

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