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MoKan High School Football Rankings: Week 3

We're onto week 3 of the high school football season, and with a few surprises, a few upsets, and a few potential risers, it is set to be the week that really sets off the chaos within the rankings. Let's have a look:

  1. Liberty North

  2. Ray-Pec

  3. Lee's Summit North

  4. Mill Valley

  5. BV Northwest

  6. Bishop Miege

  7. St. Thomas Aquinas

  8. Olathe West

  9. Rockhurst

  10. Lawrence

  11. Smithville

  12. Olathe North

  13. Park Hill

  14. Park Hill South

  15. St. James

  16. Blue Valley

  17. Kearney

  18. NKC

  19. Fort Osage

  20. Liberty

  21. Basehor-Linwood

  22. Lee's Summit

  23. Belton

  24. Eudora

  25. DeSoto

Others Receiving Votes: Piper, Pleasant Hill, Center, Lee's Summit West, Raytown

As you can see, quite a bit of shakeup happened after what was a crazy week 2. #17 Kearney looks like they're silencing doubters with a huge win over now #19 ranked Fort Osage, but will the hot streak continue? Eudora continues their dominance with a convincing 41-0 over Baldwin, but the teams from Kansas I wanted to talk about are the Olathe area teams of #12 Olathe North, #8 Olathe West, and #4 Mill Valley. Man did these teams show out, blowing Shawnee Mission West, Lawrence Free State, and Olathe South out of the water by convincing margins. Expect those three to make some noise and give perennial contenders # 7 Aquinas, # 5 Blue Valley Northwest, and #6 Miege a run for their money. Things could get interesting in Kansas. Missouri was pretty par for the course outside an impressive Kearney upset and #1 Liberty North trouncing their rival #20 Liberty 41-7. Park Hill South took a small hit against a very good #3 Lee's Summit North team 24-7, and Park Hill held on until the very end in an offensive shootout against #2 Ray-Pec 57-50. Blue Springs South was promptly booted out of the rankings by #9 Rockhurst 48-14, and # 11 Smithville wins a defensive masterpiece in Platte County leaving them just outside our Top 10. Newcomers #22 Lee's Summit and # 23 Belton are enjoying their moment in the sun, expect challenges though for these teams in the coming weeks. They have a lot of talent to face ahead.

Overall the top teams basically stay the same while the rest of the pack fights for position and respect. We will just have to see if the Top 5 are unseated at some point, but frankly speaking for teams like Lee's Summit North, Liberty North, and Ray-Pec it is theirs to lose. It's looking like Kansas will be the more competitive state, but can a Kansas school gain enough respect and wins to hurdle over those top 3 Missouri teams? Find out next week (or at some point) here!

Burn Notice: 10/10 Heating up in the MoKan heartland

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