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MO is Home: Top FB Recruit Nwaneri Chooses Mizzou

Eli Drinkwitz has got his guy. Class of 2024 5-star defensive EDGE out of Lee's Summit North High School Williams Nwaneri has chosen to stay in his home state and go player for the Missouri Tigers. Nwaneri is the #3 ranked recruit in the nation for the class of 2024 and the #1 ranked EDGE according to and, not to mention the #1 player in the state of Missouri. Nwaneri chose Mizzou over Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, Oregon, and others. Nwaneri is the highest ranked recruit Missouri has ever gotten a hard commitment from since wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham signed onto the Tigers as the #2 overall ranked recruit in the class of 2012. A HUGE get for the Drinkwitz staff, and potentially, not the only big fish they'll reel in this year.

Ryan Wingo, the #7 overall ranked recruit in the class of 2024 nationally as well as the #2 ranked wide receiver and Missouri player, is also considering Missouri. The 5-star recruit has narrowed his choices down between Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Alabama, and Texas. Crystal ball predictions have it as a battle between Texas and Missouri at this point, but with the commitment from Nwaneri, Wingo has certainly taken notice. If you take a look under his profile on Twitter, you can see just that, with his likes including some Tiger-friendly material...

Now, what will this mean for Eli Drinkwitz? His job security has certainly been put into question by many naysayers (including myself) over the last year or so after another disappointingly average season. However, with a commitment like Nwaneri as well as potential commitments from the 2nd best player in the state (as well as 7th nationally) Drinkwitz has a chance to build not only a great base for recruiting in his home state, but job security to boot. We don't know just yet if Wingo is committed to the Tigers or not, but if so, Drinkwitz could very well have saved his job. Shoot, he may have saved his job with the Nwaneri commit alone. Top that off with a better season than this past year, and we could see a new look Missouri football team that regularly competes for SEC titles and controls recruiting in the state of Missouri, something really not seen since Pinkel. Now if only he'd just stop acting like a goober and play Kansas already...only jokes...or is it?

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