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Magnificent Mahomes Makes MVP Mark with Multiple Moments: Chiefs QB Wins His Second MVP

You loved that alliteration, didn't you? I'd like to say I'm an MVP at it, but what's more impressive that my amazing alliteration accolades is the performance Patrick Mahomes had this season. His performance was so amazing actually, that the league gave him the Most Valuable Player award at last night's NFL Honors. This is Mahomes's second MVP win (As stated in the title) and marks the first time ever that a Chief has won 2 MVPs. Funny enough, Patrick Mahomes was ALSO the first ever MVP the Chiefs have had, so this first is kind of an obvious one. Nonetheless, still quite impressive.

Mahomes threw for a career-high 5250 yards with 41 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, and a 67.1% completion percentage on a whopping 648 attempts during the regular season. On top of those super stats, Mahomes once again made mind-boggling plays throughout the year that we really haven't seen any other QB make. Mahomes has proven to us once again that he's pretty incomparable, and that by watching him every Sunday in the fall and winter months we are witnessing history at work. These performances have turned the Chiefs into a perennial playoff phenomenon and have them in the Super Bowl for the 3rd time in 4 years.

This is some speculation about Mahomes being the MVP and being in the Super Bowl, however, as the player named MVP has not won a Super Bowl since 1999. 24 years now that curse has been around, but if anybody can break it, it's #15 in the red, yellow, and white jersey this Sunday. One thing I would have hoped we have learned by now is to never count Patrick Mahomes out, and the fact that many are pointing to this sabermetric-esque stat to justify an Eagles' sure victory in the Super Bowl is pretty pedantic. Yes, it's a stat that exists, but given what we have seen from Patrick Mahomes and the respect this young man (he's older than me but you know, whatever) commands I think matters so much more than something that really can only be pointed to as an interesting coincidence rather than cold hard evidence of an imminent Chiefs choke. Am I 100% confident that the Chiefs will win Sunday? If you know me you know I am smarter than that and am a born skeptic, but with Patrick Mahomes on our side that certainly helps my confidence going into Sunday. I am as nervous as everyone else, but not because of Patrick Lavon Mahomes II. If anyone can lead a Chiefs team that was supposed to be in a "rebuild" year to a Super Bowl victory, it's him. Congratulations to the MVP, here's to many more and to a victory on Sunday. You've made this city, your family, friends, teammates current and former, coaches, and the town of Tyler, Texas very proud.

Burn Notice: 10/10 First one to correctly tell me how many alliterations are in this story wins a cookie.

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