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Leaving Leipold: Is Leipold Going Anywhere?

Lance Leipold has the Jayhawks off to a historic start, going 5-0 and achieving a Top 25 rank for the first time since 2009. A program that was downtrodden, beaten down, and in organizational turmoil seems to have turned a corner with the help of Coach Leipold and Athletic Director Travis Goff. The air is good in Lawrence, Kansas, but will it last?

Leipold has been the topic of much debate regarding head coaching positions at "more attractive" institutions such as Nebraska and Wisconsin. Both of which fired their head coach and are on the search for a hire that will take them back to their former glory. To some, the Kansas football program is an afterthought compared to these programs, which have produced bowl wins, championships, award winners, and even national titles. It's easy to see why someone would choose to go to these "more attractive" programs. Leipold is high on both of their lists, as he has now turned around 2 programs with Buffalo and Kansas. They're hoping that if brought on, Leipold can provide that same spark with them.

However, in lies the issue for these programs. Getting Leipold away from Kansas will be a daunting, if not impossible task. Kansas has the tools to pay for his contract and keep him there, and on top of that, Leipold has stated that he has no intentions of leaving. "My wife and I love Lawrence and have made a home here...we want to stay here a long time." exclaimed Leipold. If either of these programs wants Leipold, they'll have to pry him from Kansas's cold, dead hands. Their best coach since Mangino, a coach that loves this town and this fanbase, a good roster that he can take and mold into excellence, and an overall organizational trust that has been established with him. I don't think Leipold will leave this program high and dry after only the first year of the turnaround, he's a better man than that, and has once again stated that he has not intent on leaving.

So for the naysayers out there that choose to believe that this is a fluke year for Kansas and that Leipold will leave for the "more attractive" job, where's your evidence? What makes you think this way other than A) A seething hatred for KU, B) Being caught in delusion because your program is in a spiral, or C) Reading way too far into shock and tabloid media and rumors. Make it make sense, I'd love to know your thoughts as to why you think this way. Leipold seems as if he is here to stay, and the Jayhawk faithful will make sure to show him their loyalty.

Burn Notice: 6/10 Grease fire, hot for about 2 seconds then flamed out

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