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KU Football: Are We About to See the Turnaround?

I was scrolling through Twitter today, aimlessly searching for a potential storyline for today's article, and I saw something that I never would have guessed would give me inspiration. A Lil Wayne quote about an old KU legend:

"Could make a fourth quarter comeback like Reesing" (No I will not go into the context of which this line was used)

Todd Reesing, he's talking about arguably the greatest Kansas quarterback of all time (Yes I know John Hadl exists but do you really think Hadl outthrows Reesing? Honestly???) What struck me though is that relatively recently Kansas had a football program worth being mentioned by Lil Wayne. A GOOD football program, at Kansas! This got me thinking to the current state of KU football. A state of...let's just say turmoil. 14 years post 2007-2008 season, 7 coaches, and 118 losses later, the Jayhawks may very well have found their heading.

Lance Leipold, Jalon Daniels, Devin Neal, and others seemed poised for a breakout season. Flashes of brilliance started to show at the end of the '21 season, and we might see more consistent brilliance this coming year from the Hawks. They've built the 24th ranked transfer class, are in the upper echelon of Big 12 recruiting, and the pieces seem to be fitting for at least a 4 win season (This is gigantic for a team that has amassed max 3 wins per season over the past decade) Some especially hot takes have the Jayhawks potentially going bowling and being the sleeper team of the year, personally I don't want to jump that gun yet. This year truly does feel different though for the Jayhawks, and we could potentially see some fireworks out of Jayhawk football for the first time in a decade and a half. Big wins could be on the horizon, and potentially a football program to be proud of, which would be HUGE for KU as a university and athletic program. Just think of the NIL money! Jokes aside, I'm excited for KU football, and though I don't think Jalon Daniels is Todd Reesing (Dude had astronomical amounts of swagger, if you haven't seen him play look him up) I think he could possess the potential to be even greater under the tutelage of Leipold, the support from KU alum and students, AD Travis Goff working his tail off to bring the program up from the ashes, and the overall dedication toward football we haven't seen in a decade.

Burn Notice: 7/10, not too hot yet, but watch out

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