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Keys to the Game: Jayhawks Face the Friars

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

In just under an hour, the Kansas Jayhawks will be facing the Providence Friars in the Sweet 16. The Jayhawks will once again be facing a hot 3 point shooting team (This one is not a fluke, unlike Creighton) and will need great perimeter defense in order to keep the Friars at bay. Noah Horshler and company can catch fire at any time and will need to be well covered in order to be thrown off their rhythm. Not only that, but offensively KU needs to use their size and speed advantage to drive the paint and play their physicality. Draw fouls, no stupid shots, and David? He'll have to prove why he's called Big Dave and take control, though it seems like we say that every game to varying results. Top that off with March Lightfoot, Remy playing the game he played last week, and Ochai working around the defense to prove why he's National Player of the Year, and KU should cruise. Winning this game will propel the Jayhawks to the Elite 8, as well as to the top spot in all-time wins, passing Kentucky (HA they lost to a team called the did Murray State though...and Purdue's currently losing...goodness are we gonna have a battle of the birds come championship time? Time will only tell)

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