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Keeping Up with the Joneses: When Will a Chris Jones Extension Get Done?

A key offseason conversation that has been had around Chiefs Kingdom has had a lot to do with the cornerstone of this Chiefs' defense. Defensive tackle Chris Jones has entered his contract year still without the surely hefty extension he's due. A top five defensive tackle in the league, Jones has commanded a contract worth that playing ability, and will get it, whether it be with the Chiefs or not. This being said, a few things to note here. There's still plenty of time to get this deal done, as Jones's contract is not expired until the end of the season next year. Secondly, there's already been plenty of talk about a deal in the works. Jones has highlighted that he wants to be a "Chief for life" and in all likelihood, is willing to do what is best for both parties in this situation. It is professional sports, so the dollar dictates all, but the Chiefs have the spending ability to give Jones the extension he has earned and desires.

The question is, when will this deal get done? Many thought it would get done before or during the draft even, but here we sit with the first day of mandatory camp coming and going with nothing getting done. Jones was not at the first day, which has given rise to concern regarding if a deal will get done or not. It's seen as the highest priority by many in Chiefs Kingdom including myself, and many are frustrated that a deal isn't done yet. I have heard rumblings however (per Adam Schefter of ESPN) that the parties met with one another today to discuss an extension and to get one done on time to be able to pursue a free agent wide receiver, giving them the best deal the Chiefs can offer while still keeping Jones and making sure he is extended and happy. This also gives rise to further rumors of who exactly the Chiefs are trying to pursue and why a deal needs to be made quickly, especially if it didn't need to be made quickly before this was said. You would think if there was urgency in the Chiefs front office a deal would have gotten done by now, but that doesn't seem to be the case, so why is there urgency now? Mind you, a lot of this is speculation and rumor, but coming from the mouth of Adam Schefter, there's merit to what he said. I guess we shall see.

What do you think though? Do you think the Chiefs get a deal done with Chris Jones? If so, when? Do you think the Chiefs get a deal done with a free agent wide receiver? Is that free agent wide receiver going to be DeAndre Hopkins, Stephon Diggs, or another potential guy on the board? Let me know in the comments below, and let's keep holding out hope a deal gets done folks.

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