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Jayhawks Get One Monkey Off Back, Tomorrow's Monkey Awaits...KU Tops Villanova 81-65

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

For the Kansas Jayhawks, everything went according to plan in yesterday's win against a pesky Villanova team that had been the bane of KU's postseason existence for a good 6 years now. When I had originally seen that KU was going to end up playing Villanova for a spot in the championship game, my heart did sink a little. Knowing the history of this Nova/KU matchup and how its fared for KU I was nervous. Now, the Jayhawks get a monkey off their back, 2018 Villanova-ing the 2022 Villanova Wildcats with lights out shooting from Naismith snub Ochai Agbaji and others (Dajuan Harris!!!) and the Jayhawks get a massive weight off their shoulders.

Now comes the challenge of winning the National Championship, and another chapter in Roy Williams's War. North Carolina presents a challenge for the Hawks, solid physical play from the likes of Brady Manek and Armando Bacot, good perimeter play from Caleb Love and RJ Davis, and a chip on their shoulder as an 8 seed making it all the way to the championship game will make for a great matchup from a very similar playing team. So long as KU can be as physical and plays the game that they played against Villanova by using the fast paced perimeter play to open inside, grittier play from McCormack, Wilson, Lightfoot, and others, KU I think has the edge here. This is not a UNC team to take lightly however, as we've seen what Brady Manek can do to KU already in his years at Oklahoma. It will be an exciting conclusion to a very fun basketball season, and I look forward to seeing which team commands the respect of the nation/Roy Williams (Certified great dude from what I hear)

Burn Notice: 9/10 Ochai's three point percentage last night

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