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Free Agency: Kansas City Giveth, Kansas City Taketh Away, Kansas City Stayeth Stagnant

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Free agency for both the MLB and NFL are both firing on all cylinders. With the CBA agreement reached and the MLB season finally allowed to proceed there has been an explosion in signings and trades. The Royals are no exception, bolstering their weak pitching with the arms of Amir Garrett and (what's this? An old friend?) Zach Grienke. In my opinion, these signings are huge considering how depleted the Royals' pitching was last year. Both arms are still solid, and with plenty of minor league talent as well I think the Royals have the potential to do some damage in the AL Central.

It could not be more different for the Chiefs. Though it is fairly early and the draft has not even started yet, we are left with the speculation and frustration of the Chiefs front office not making any splashes by midweek. While I empathize with Chiefs Kingdom I am still confident Veach knows what he's doing. We will find a way to win games, however this free agency stagnation gives cause for concern. There is a significant need to fill holes on defense, and a potential necessity to sign another wide receiver (Juju and Jackson Mahomes making TikToks together would be worth it...right?) to bolster Mahomes's options. The draft is around the corner, yes, and there is definitely talent at needed positions, but do we truly trust a rookie in the situations that we will need him in off the bat? The #VeachBlackMagic will have to be strong this year I feel, otherwise we may be in for trouble.

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