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Follow-Up and a Poll: Who Will Be KU's Starting Big Man Next Season?

A topic I forgot to cover (or at least cover more in depth) in yesterday's KU offseason report was the conundrum of KU's big men roster, as there is really no clear cut front runner as of yet. KU has multiple guys that could possibly fill that role, but overall the position is still wide open. KU has 5 guys that could potentially fill the role in total, including Zuby Ejiofor, Ernest Udeh Jr., Zach Clemence, KJ Adams, and Cam Martin. We saw Clemence and Adams play last year at length, while the others are either fresh faces or redshirts. Clemence averaged 4.9 minutes a game, 2.1 points per game, 2 rebounds, and less than 1 block, while Adams averaged 4.8 minutes a game, 1 point per game, 1 rebound, and less than 1 block as well. However, expect their roles to grow now that David McCormack and Mitch Lightfoot are gone. Both looked fairly promising in the first scrimmage, and have shown quite a bit of potential, but will have ample competition with the new guys coming in.

Mainly Ernest Udeh Jr., who is a 24/7 Sports Top 30 player and 5 star recruit. The tape I've seen on him is solid, the kid can play and he's the biggest body the Jayhawks have at 6 ft. 10 inches. He will be an interesting story, as will most of these incoming freshman. KU has a stacked recruiting class this year and there will be a lot of competition for roster spots, but even if Udeh comes off the bench he will excel. The other big men I can't really see being starters, but it is still very early and we could see some surprises. It will also depend on what kind of roster Bill Self will want with the group he has, as he has been known to run quite small lineups in the past (Unfortunately without a clear big man like Udoka the position of post player becomes much, much harder to gauge in terms of who will get the most minutes) I will be putting out a poll gauging what thoughts you all have on the matter. Will it be Clemence, Adams, Udeh, or perhaps another? Let me know your thoughts down below, or on my socials. Best comments will get featured in a future podcast as always!

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