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Dozier Designation: Struggling 3rd Baseman (Among Other Positions) Designated for Assignment

Well, the Royals have finally pulled off a positive move. In what feels long overdue, the Royals have designated 3B/1B/2B/DH/OF? Hunter Dozier for assignment. In 2023 thus far, Dozier has averaged .183 over 82 at bats, driven in 9 RBIs, 2 home runs, and scored 8 runs off 15 hits. His career batting doesn't get much better, with a total career average of just .238 off 2,093 at bats, 498 hits, 235 RBIs, 73 HRs, and 258 scored runs scored since his major league debut in 2016. Dozier's defensive numbers also leave something to be desired, as you can see by the sheer number of positions the Royals' management has put him in to try to get him to succeed. He has a -0.2 WAR this year, if he were to succeed in the field, they would have found his spot by now. This move was needed, anyone that even casually follows the Royals could tell you that.

Now, it's certainly not going to completely turn the Royals around. There's still much work to be done in regard to getting the best bang for your buck in regard to trading away and DFAing players, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. As I said earlier, this move is long overdue and should have been done when Hunter Dozier was actually doing alright, such as 2019 or even last year when he went on a bit of a hot streak. Others saw the writing on the wall while the Royals' management and front office did not. There was more of the same this year until now, which is concerning. The fact that it's done now though and it's looking like that isn't the only move the Royals plan on doing before the deadline is at least somewhat promising. This IS a first-year manager corps as well as a relatively fresh front office crew as well, however making these Dayton Moore like moves and waiting too long to do much of anything with players that are either struggling or have trade value is not going to be tolerated for very long. Hunter Dozier needed to be gone at the beginning of the year, but the fact that he's gone before the All-Star break is at least a relief. We shall see what other moves could be made here in the future, but for now I think all Royals fans are rejoicing that at least the first domino has fallen. Don't get me wrong, Dozier had his moments, he just had them too few and far between. I wish him luck at his next assignment, wherever that might be, but there's a reason a lot of people are predicting the minors or overseas for his next venture. Just watch though, Dozier's going to go to somewhere like the Rangers or Yankees and have a career Rennaissance, because that's just what former Royals do once they leave the Royals. That or tank out of the league, there's really no in-between if you actually look at the players that have had stints on the Royals...

Burn Notice: 10/10 BullDozier ran out of gas

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