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Discussion: Who Was Your Breakout Chief This Season?

The NFL season is coming to a close, and with just the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl to be played, the Chiefs are still playing football and have a chance to be crowned Super Bowl champions. A few pundits thought that they had a shot, but not very many people thought the Chiefs would be in this position come February. This could not have happened if it weren't for the efforts of not only your old standbys of Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, and Andy Reid, to name a few, but also the efforts of newcomers such as Isiah Pacheco, Juju Smith-Shuster, George Karlaftis, and Justin Reid as well as guys that took steps up this year compared to last year like Frank Clark, Jerrick McKinnon, L'Jarius Sneed, and Joe Thuney, to once again, name just a few.

The Chiefs were predicted to take a step back this year, losing key pieces such as Tyreek Hill and Tyrann Mathieu. If "taking a step back" means Patrick Mahomes throws for a career-high in yardage at 5,250, the second most touchdowns in his career at 41, Travis Kelce has the most catches, touchdowns, and yards he's ever had in his career, a rookie running back named Isiah Pacheco proves himself to be the workhorse back this team has been searching for since Jamaal Charles, and the defense ranked 4th in net yards per passing attempt, 8th net yards per rushing attempt, 2nd in sacks per game, in total ranking 11th overall in team defense, and has been stellar throughout the entire postseason, then I think what's down is up and what's up is down. The Chiefs took a step FORWARD rather than back, and it's time people recognized that. There's a reason they made the Super Bowl this year, and that's because what we have here is a group of guys that, while only playing one year with one another, have become one of the best overall units in the league through the efforts of once again, the standbys and the newcomers.

The questions to be asked though this year, is who had the greatest impact out of the newcomers, and who took the biggest step up out of the players that were here last year to cause this team to, after losing all they lost in the offseason, get even better than they were before? In my opinion, for newcomers I believe Isiah Pacheco had the biggest impact. He's proven that Kansas City once again has a dangerous backfield, and that Mahomes has yet another weapon to work with for years to come. For guys that have been here and took steps up, I think out of everyone on the defense that did so my vote goes to either Frank Clark, L'Jarius Sneed, or my personal dark horse candidate Khalen Saunders. All three needed big years to prove their worth to this team, and all three had massive years leading this defense. Offensively there were guys as well I thought took major leaps forward, but this young, fiery defense grew into a force that will only get better the more experience they get and the longer they're together. Brett Veach has to make it his focus this offseason, and speaking of guys that stepped up this year, I think we've seen some #VeachBlackMagic once again make an appearance. Excellent work to take what seemed like a bad situation and turn it upside down. Bravo.

I ask you though, my humble audience, who do you think showed the most improvement out of the old guard, and who out of the newcomers had the biggest impact? Share your thoughts and be featured on this Sunday's ScorchCast. Here's to another Chiefs banner year, and here's to more coming in the next few years!

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