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Discussion: What are your KC Sports New Year's Thoughts?

We have officially begun 2023, folks. With a new year comes new memories, new challenges, new goals, and new outlooks, and though it may not feel like nothing much has changed, think about where you were this time a year ago. Would you say your life has changed? I rest my case. The same goes for your favorite sports teams, players, coaches, and front offices. Change is good, and we're certainly going to see some with the upcoming year. Let's go through I couple I personally am looking forward to the most, have high hopes for, and want to see by the end of the year.

What I am looking forward to the most

I am looking forward to lots of things in the coming year, but the thing I am looking forward to the most is the NFL Draft being held in Kansas City. After years of the draft being in New York, it's a really welcome change for it to be a traveling event now in my opinion, and it's extremely exciting Kansas City finally gets its chance to host. The event will run Thursday April 27th through Saturday April 29th at Union Station and is sure to attract tons of tourism. Great revenue for KC, and a once in a lifetime event to go watch one of American professional sports' most exciting non-game or tournament events. I can't wait to go check it out!

What I have highest hopes for

I think what I have the highest hopes for is for KU and Kansas State to meet in the Big 12 Football Championship. Close seconds are the Chiefs winning another Super Bowl and KU repeating as champions in basketball but think about it. This may be a Kansas/KSU alum or fan dream only, but looking at the trajectory of these two programs and how awesome it would be to have a Sunflower Showdown for all the Big 12 marbles, it's not out of the question. KU is on the upswing, has plenty of returning starters as well as transfer portal success, and K-State looks poised to make a run for king of the Big 12 too just as they were this year. Having the potential to witness the biggest Sunflower Showdown in history is in my book, pretty awesome, but that's a way's off. Believe me, I'm super stoked to see how the Chiefs end up placing this year as well as KU basketball, but the Sunflower Showdown to end all Sunflower Showdowns would be equally as cool.

Want to See by the End of the Year

The thing I want to see most by the end of the year would probably have to be a Royals team that we can actually take pride in and look forward to watching. The fanbase apathy certainly took hold this past year, and it was incredibly disappointing to see a team with fair expectations fall so short. Under new management, I am hoping to see this Royals team get back onto their feet and back on track. With young talent, a few key free agency signings in pitching, and a front office that looks like they actually give a darn about the team and its trajectory, I am hopeful. Before you say anything by the way, yes I know it sounds a bit redundant these last two points, as you can hope for something that you would want to see by the end of the year. Think of this last point as a bit more detrimental and realistic, something that more or less NEEDS to happen by the end of the year rather than want, you know?

I'd love to hear all of your thoughts in the comments below. Let me know what you think, and have a chance to be featured on the ScorchCast come Sunday. What are some hopes and dreams for the New Year that you want to see? What are you most looking forward to? What needs to happen so you don't completely lose faith in a franchise? Let me know in the comments.

Burn Notice: 10/10 New Year NEW DREAMS!

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Well, I look forward to attending KU football and basketball games. The excitement has always been there for the Jayhawks at one of the loudest basketball stadiums in the nation, but now the football team is growing in the hype, I would love to go to another game. That and seeing more of the KC Blues play too - I'm trying to learn the game of rugby better, especially since my boyfriend who writes this blog plays for them. I have high hopes for the KU basketball and football teams going out there and hopefully winning championships. KU is not just a basketball school anymore. I also have high hopes for KC Current. They had a strong team that went up…

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