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Discussion: Should the Chiefs Be Aggressive as We Near the Trade Deadline?

As we get closer and closer to halfway through the NFL season, so too does the trade deadline draw near. Teams will be looking to build their roster based on the performance of the previous 8 games, and decide how to go about the future and the offseason based (at least in part) on decisions made over the next couple of weeks. Anticipation is high for a lot of teams, and one of those teams is the Kansas City Chiefs. Not that the Chiefs are performing poorly, but the fact that they have 13 draft picks to work with and have positions that could use a boost. The question is: Will the Chiefs go into the trade deadline with the intent of being aggressive dealers, or will they stay quiet and ride things out?

I'll go ahead and give my take on the issue, the Chiefs have one of the lower cap spaces in the NFL right now, sitting in the lower echelon of teams with cap spaces of less than $6 million. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a good thing or a bad thing. It could be good given the fact that the Chiefs have 13 (The most out of anyone in the NFL for 2023) draft picks next year, and if used wisely could open up cap space with a few key trades and being sellers with their myriad of draft picks in order to get a lower budget, but still solid addition. It could be bad if the Chiefs want to go in on a superstar player, such as OBJ or DJ Moore. The big word around town is that the Chiefs are focusing in on LB Brian Burns or OBJ, more than likely they will not get both, though #VeachBlackMagic could very well say otherwise. However, if we are being realistic, OBJ is gonna want a payday, and our LBs need just one extra piece I believe to be an elite unit. A veteran presence that could catapult them to new heights, much like how Carlos Dunlap has done to the D-Line. Burns fits this role perfectly, a great pass rusher with (and this is the important part given how Josh Jacobs gashed the Chiefs this past Monday) an excellent run stopper. Not to mention he's been in the league for quite some time, and while Bolton and Gay are both great players, they're still young, and adding one more veteran piece to a very young defense in general would be beneficial. The wide receiver room is fine as is, yes they've looked somewhat out of sync these first couple of games, but it really seems like the chemistry is starting to build. OBJ would be nice, but in my opinion is too expensive and perhaps past his prime playmaking abilities with the recent injuries he has suffered. He did not get a whole lot of looks with the Rams, and chances are Reid and Veach are going to want to go with the guys they brought in to balance the attack. In lies the issue with Chiefs Kingdom, a lot of people believe the team needs a superstar presence to compliment Mahomes at receiver. A Scotty Pippen type if you will. Have we forgotten about a guy named Travis Kelce? Are we really that impatient with this wide receiving corps that we can't let them develop chemistry in game time situations? Yes, we're a few games in, but the pieces are coming together for this Chiefs offense to where come crunch time this team could end up being really, really good. This Buffalo game will be a true litmus test to see where the Chiefs are at, as Buffalo is basically on par with KC. One bad loss, with a couple very impressive wins. This game next Sunday could decide whether the Chiefs will pursue heavy in free agency, or rest on their laurels. Time will tell.

Again, I'd love to know your thoughts regarding the issue talked about here. Your opinion is valued, and I love you (platonically, for most of you at least.) Best answers will be featured in the ScorchCast. Tell me what you think the Chiefs should do, no matter how ridiculous or impractical it is. I wanna give a quick thank you though to each and every one of you, we've officially passed over 3,000 unique visitors to The Burn KC website. Top that with a viewership total of 1200 a week on the Facebook page, and we've got a great thing going on here. Thank you for all your support, I truly did not think I would get this kind of showing for this. I appreciate more than you know that you value my opinion, passion, and expertise regarding KC sports. Cheers y'all. Forever thankful <3

Burn Notice: 10/10 Boy this passion project certainly got hotter than I realized it would. Not complaining though, just thankful and in disbelief.

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