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Discussion/Poll: What is Your Opinion on Referees?

This may be a bit more of a discussion, but after watching Kansas/Kansas State, it's a question on my mind even more than it already was (It was the topic I had already chosen to write about today, for your information) I think both Kansas and Kansas State can both agree the referees in this game had an impact on this game and were not exactly the best, but it was still "fairly and consistently" reffed, albeit a bunch of bad calls, super late calls, no calls when there should have been, and even some clock problems to boot. An absolute crapshoot of an officiating performance, but at least it was consistent!

I digress, however, with scrutiny of referees being at what seems to be an all-time high, I wanted to get the public's opinion on referees across sports. Be on the lookout for polls released across social media. I'll be releasing them for all major KC sports. This being said, in my own personal research online, I have found that Kansas City is a hotbed for referee complaints. Looking at the Chiefs' fanbase alone, a study done by Bet Online measuring negative tweets regarding officiating found that Chiefs' fans rank 1st among all NFL fanbases in complaints about officiating. Then you have the college fanbases, where Kansas State, Kansas, and Missouri are all notorious for referee complaints. Some are justified, some aren't, but I want to figure out if the hate is justified according to my fanbase. In an effort of research, these polls will be released to get a gauge as to what exactly is KC's opinion on refereeing in college and professional sports today.

I will not post my own personal thoughts in fear of influencing the vote. Honestly if you've read my articles and listened to me you should know my opinion. This poll will be used as research and will hopefully offer potential explanations as to what exactly is the opinion of refereeing in Kansas City. If you have anything to add please do so, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter, but please go vote in the polls and give me some juicy research to potentially use in an upcoming article or ScorchCast. Thank you for your participation and contribution to science!

Burn Notice: 10/10 Bunson burners burning...for science! (Note: Bunson burners are not actually being used in the survey process. That would be ridiculous)

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