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Discussion: Best Kansas City Sports Uniform?

Yes, yes I know Carlos Dunlap signed and will immediately contribute toward the development of the younger defensive players as well as bring the heat in pass rush. I said this in a Twitter post earlier (Shameless plug go follow @TheBurn_KC for more) and I said it in last night's article as well. Go check both out!

With this article though I wanted to address the recent spike of alternative uniforms in professional sports. Some, such as the KC Connect uniforms the Royals wore this season, look really good and sleek. An enjoyment for the eyes. While others, such as whatever highlighter monstrosities the Seahawks, Michigan State, or Baylor throw out there, are an eyesore. Uniforms are supposed to represent a team and the city. They're part of the brand, and are the most visible aspects of a team second only to maybe the logo itself. I want to point out one team in particular that some say could use a refresher in uniforms and throw some alternates out there for fan enjoyment, and that's the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, the red, yellow, and white look is iconic, and they have a throwback or two they show off every now and then, but many in Chiefs Kingdom and around the league even say it's time for the Chiefs to come up with new ideas (keeping the old uniform of course, but alternatives, you know because fun and brand promotion)

I ask you, Chiefs fans that read this as well as non-Chiefs fans, should the Chiefs come up with some alternate uniform ideas? I also would love to know what some of your favorite uniform combos are! I've got a few of mine down below:

The Circus font KU Basketball Jerseys: I LOVE the circus font, I've always felt it to be more fitting to KU. Nostalgic, sleek, and iconic.

Black Royals: Although I think the City Connect ones give this one a run for their money, I always wanted a black Royals jersey growing up. Things look mean and clean, even if the team back then was not, and the team now isn't either...

KU Football Veterans' Commemoration Uniforms: KU Football as some pretty gaudy, pretty not great uniforms (The black ones they wore in '10 and '11 and the grey ones are utterly atrocious) but I think I have a thing for KU football wearing dark blue. I loved the Nike uniforms back in the day, and to top this one off with the War Hawk on the side is icing on the cake. A rare hit for an otherwise struggling program (gonna make a comeback this year though!)

Again please give me your thoughts on what you think are the best uniforms, and if you think the Chiefs need an alternate to be fit and fashionable. Best answers as always featured in the ScorchCast come Sunday!

Burn Notice: 10/10 Imagine a Baylor, Seahawk, and Michigan State fan were all in a room together wearing the highlighter unis. I think my eyes would burn away.

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