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Day One: Madness

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Day one of March Madness is just about complete, and the madness has begun. Kentucky got beat by a team called the Peacocks (and a school of 2600 students), Spiders caught Iowa in their web, and Reggie Miller seems more obsessed with Wendy's breakfast than ever. What takes should we come away with after the first day? Let's just say expectations for Kentucky were ummm...a bit high? They had talent, that was certain, however I think John Calipari has to hang it up after this latest failure. They have not made a Final Four since 2012, Calipari was extended for 86 million. It's not worth the money, Kentucky has to build around someone else, just as Coach K needs to leave Duke. That is a story for another time though, we must continue on with the madness.

For Richmond, this has been nothing new. 10 wins as a 12 seed or lower, they're used to being the underdogs (underspiders?) and this tournament was no different. Playing the role of heartbreaker to the Iowa Hawkeyes (My sincerest condolences to my Iowa friends and rugby teammates Chris and John) Richmond looked like what Iowa was said to look like coming into the tournament. Predictions for the Elite 8 or farther dashed by quality shooting, alleged referee ineptitude, and an overall uncharacteristically poor Iowa performance. You could say Iowa was just one of perhaps a few...spiderbitten teams this tourney?

Burn Notice: 9/10 Steaming Mad

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