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Current Make Women's Sports History, Stay Unbeaten with 1-1 Draw of Angel City

In case you didn't catch the live updates, I went to my first ever KC Current game tonight. When I say I've never had more fun at a soccer match than this match, I'm sure not lying. Unfortunately I haven't been able to make a really big Sporting game, but frankly? I think this would rival that. A smaller, but more intimate, more intense experience than any MLS game I've been to. Kansas City loves women's soccer, and it was clear to see tonight. So clear actually, that the crowd drawn for tonight's match was the largest crowd in US women's professional sports history. What a treat to be a part of the growth of women's sports. Excellent work Kansas City.

Now let's talk about the game, a game that I tried to keep you folks at home up to date with through my social media posts (With the reception there, it got kind of tough, but I hope you could still get some sort of positive experience out of it. Will more than likely do that for future sports events I go to if you all liked it enough!) A game that was full of opportunity, but missed chances for the Current. Even in the closing seconds, with a fast break off a great defensive stand in extra time, an offside was called that capped off what was a frustrating, but not all bad game from the Current. They stay on their unbeaten streak, and truly impressed with their skill. The only glaring flaw was those missed chances, The Current outshot Angel City 16 to 8, with a majority possession as well. In the end, too many missed chances is what kept them from turning a good result into a great one. A tie still counts for points, and counts toward the unbeaten streak, but something was left on the table that game.

Overall, the experience was awesome, the game was lots of fun, and it showed how dedicated and awesome the Kansas City sports fanbase is. You all get on my nerves sometimes, but you showed out for a criminally underrepresented part of the sporting world. We rugby players know the feeling, trust me, but what happened here tonight was a huge stepping stone in popularizing women's sports. I'm glad I was there to witness, and was there with my rugby guys cheering loud and proud for a great program and a recording breaking night. Well done, Kansas City, well done Current.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Fired up 'bout the Current

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