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Cross-Town Controversy: A Series on Arrowhead's Impending Doom-Part 2

Welp, it happened. The boys are moving out. I think we all kind of knew this was coming, They were due for a new stadium, and they've gotten their wish. All those memories hanging out at the K...wait I'm writing about the Chiefs and Arrowhead? I thought I already did this?

Well, I guess the Royals moving has SOME to do with the Chiefs' potential move. The Royals, if you do not already know, are moving to a downtown KC site. This plan has been talked about for quite some time, and it looks like blueprints are being finalized for the team to move to a new home. A state-funded home, this part is important to our story today. The Royals will have first dibs on public funds now that they are officially the first team to move out of their home in the Truman Sports Complex. Missouri will more than likely foot the bill for the entire stadium to be built in the next 5 years. This presents a conundrum, at least for the Chiefs and for Arrowhead.

You see, Missouri is not exactly "cash rich" when it comes to funding projects such as this. They're not really cash rich in general (See MO public works such as transit, cost of living, and infrastructure) and this downtown stadium will hit hard. New renovations or a new stadium in Missouri for the Chiefs could prove to be too costly. This being said, recreational marijuana was just passed, sports betting is on the ballot, and other initiatives to bring in more tax dollars and project funding are in the works. Not only that, but the World Cup, NFL Draft, and other revenue generators are coming to KC in the coming years, so that could make a difference. At the moment though however, Missouri and KCMO does not have the capacity to afford both stadiums. If any of those items previously mention fall through or flop, it could spell a Chiefs move to KCK/JoCo by the time the Chiefs' lease is up in 2031 if something is not done. 2031 is a ways away though, and we could very well see public (or even private) funding options become more open over the next few years. That's what it will come down to though, is funding, and this is certainly unwelcome news for anyone wanting Arrowhead to stay.

In my opinion? The Royals have no right to move downtown. They're a losing franchise, they don't bring in the money that the Chiefs do (Or even Sporting some years which is SAYING something) and there are bigger fish to fry in terms of spending public funds in the current moment. More pressing issues over the next 5 years, and the Royals need to get better first in my opinion. I think you'd see more public funding interest in KCMO had you proposed a NHL or NBA team rather than just moving a team that was a straight dumpster fire last year. It would have cost just as much and brought in more revenue. This move may have forced the Chiefs out of Kansas City proper too, keyword being maybe. Money and opportunity still talk, and if the Chiefs/Missouri/KCMO can find a way and want to find a way, they will. Trust me.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Is anyone at all fired up about the new Royals stadium? Like is anyone actually excited? Personally I'm more excited for the Current's new stadium.

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