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Critical Chiefs Crowd: Are Chiefs Fans Too Reactionary?

In a presser today, OC Eric Bienemy gave a run down of how he feels about the Chiefs offense and its progression coming into the regular season. He gave some highs, he gave some areas of improvement, and he stated that he was excited for the year and to see how guys develop. One quote however, has made its rounds around Chiefs Kingdom, and frankly? It's a quote taken EXTREMELY out of context.

"Clyde just needs to get his wind right, to make sure his endurance is right...the ability to play 7, 8, 9, 1o plays in a row...I love the way he's functioning when he's "supposed to be tired"...and now he's learning what it takes to become a professional football player."

As someone who listened to the ENTIRE quote, Bienemy is in no way bashing CEH or his conditioning, in fact he's praising his skills in adversity and merely saying it's an area he's working on in order to be a better football player. How most of the Chiefs fanbase though took it? Clyde's out of shape and needs to condition more, ergo he's not the guy for the starting role. Let me just say this: You're wrong. This quote was taken out of context and ended up becoming CEH slander, which is where the question in the title comes into play. Are Chiefs fans too reactionary/too hard on players?

My answer? Given how many times I've seen people on Twitter just beating on Mecole Hardman, CEH, Dan Sorensen, Frank Clark, and other Chiefs players that may have their faults, but they're not BAD football players. When you actually know and understand the game, yes there are certain things that require improvement, but there's certain things in PATRICK MAHOMES'S game that he can improve. These guys are human beings and Chiefs fans cast them aside whenever a bad play is made. Guys can have down years, guys can have bad plays, it does not mean that they deserve to be chastised by some dude sitting on the couch with a Busch Light in one hand and a fistful of cheesy puffs in the other that thinks he's a keyboard warrior. Unfortunately, it really seems like there's quite a few in Chiefs Kingdom exactly like that. I get it, they're the minority, but they're a vocal minority that has influenced Chiefs fan thinking for far too long. Clyde and Mecole will fit into this year's offense well, Sorensen deserved better treatment (He was certainly not the only player that failed in coverage semi-regularly), Frank Clark looks to be committed to the program and looks poised to break out, and overall I think Chiefs fans have become spoiled by the talent we have on this team. Do you all not remember 2008 or 2012??? Things could be that route, or they could be this route, and frankly speaking I much prefer when we're actually winning regular season games and going to 4 straight AFC Championships, not to mention winning an ENTIRE Super Bowl. Relax everyone, the Chiefs are good, and I'm sure the keyboard warriors who choose to actively degrade these guys wouldn't say anything but good things when face to face. Softer than 10 ply toilet paper I say...(Yes I know I blog and sometimes talk on players, but I'm constructive, not calling CEH's mom bad words just because he gained 4 yards instead of 5)

Burn Notice: 10/10 Haters gonna hate and Life could be much worse

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