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Conference Calamity: A Discussion on Conference Movement and Its Landscape Today

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

UCLA and USC have both made their intentions known to potentially leave the Pac-12 and join the Big Ten. Kansas has hinted at joining the Big Ten or ACC, OU and Texas are SEC bound, and the bigger conferences are in the process of or are already expanding their reach. It's akin to what we saw 20 years ago with realignment, schools are getting better monetary deals to move conferences, and possibly expand on the prestige of their competition, and small conferences are potentially left to rot along with the possibility of small school athletics programs.

This is nothing new, but could perhaps spell trouble for conferences such as the MAC, Sun Belt, AAC, and other Group of Five members. The AAC and Big 12 seem the most under threat, the AAC could be completely dissolved in the next few years, and the Big 12 may be completely flipped depending on what members like Kansas, Iowa State, Kansas State, and others do. If conferences as big and prevalent as the SEC and Big Ten continue to monopolize the competition, what does that mean? It means potentially sweeping the small school conferences under the rug to make way for the big boys who pay more money. I'm going to release a poll regarding your thoughts on the issue, however I believe that if we form conferences on money based decisions, we could see WORSE football rather than better. You think UCLA or USC would fare well in -10 degree temperatures in Ann Arbor? At the Big House no less??? I beg to differ. Let me know your thoughts down below, as I have an example of what I personally would like to see down below. Best responses will be featured in the ScorchCast!

Burn Notice: 9/10 A Firestorm is brewing...

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