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Chiefs Training Camp: 1st Week Takeaways

The Chiefs have officially finished up their first full week of training camp. Chris Jones is still without an extension, DeAndre Hopkins is on the Titans, and everyone thought the sky was falling when nothing that was promised to come to fruition by casual Chiefs fans with unrestricted Twitter access (Now "X" I guess, thanks Elon) happened. Here are a few takeaways from this first week that I have.

The Chiefs wide receiver room will be just fine. (Chiefs fans have not learned from last year)

No DeAndre Hopkins, Kadarius Toney potentially out until October, and plenty of fresh, young, inexperienced faces. If you were to tell me that this would be the Chiefs wide receiver room back in May or June, I probably would have had an aneurysm. Throughout this week though, and yes, I know it's still only the first week of camp, one of two things are certain: Either the Chiefs defensive backs room is abjectly terrible (they're not if last year is any indication) or the Chiefs wide receiver room is much better than we thought. Justyn Ross has made a great statement so far as to why he should make the 53-man roster, Skyy Moore is proving he'll be a weapon, Rashee Rice has made some great plays, MVS is becoming Mahomes's favorite target of camp thus far, and Justin Watson has also had his great days. The key I think to Veach's wide receiver strategy is not necessarily star power, but competition and pressure making diamonds almost. It doesn't work often with a position like quarterbacks, but with running backs and receivers you can dig out a diamond in the rough in camp sessions like these. Veach has made sure the Chiefs have every opportunity to do that at a cheap enough price, and we are seeing that plan develop nicely in both the receiver room AND running back room with guys like Deneric Prince making statements in camp so far as well. The wide receiver room will put up the best and brightest out of that group and will have depth, which is all you can ask for in the situation that the Chiefs find themselves in. It's the exact situation they were in last year and look where they ended up. The reactionary nature of this fanbase truly is astounding sometimes...

I still have full optimism that Chris Jones will be extended.

Yes, we were led to believe that Jones would sign a deal before camp. Yes, that deal did not come to fruition. Yes, Jones is still putting out cryptic social media posts, however, let's think about the facts here. Chris Jones still has a year left on his current contract. If he were to sit out this year, we've seen that story before. It normally ends in a player's career dying out (See Le'Veon Bell with the Steelers and others) Jones does not want that to happen. He's also said that he's a "Chief for life", attended the ESPYs with Chiefs players and spoke at said ceremony, and has reportedly engaged in active talks with the front office. Jones wants to get this done, he wouldn't be working with the Chiefs front office at this point if he didn't. He also wants to get his bag though, which is understandable, and the Chiefs have the full ability to make him a good offer that will benefit both parties. My opinion? I think he may just be sitting out camp because he feels it to be unnecessary, which to some old heads may seem lazy or apathetic toward the team, but let's understand that this man has been the perennial 2nd best (and after the season he had last year, potentially THE best) interior lineman in the NFL. Training camp is just another risk for injuries, and while it may help players develop, Jones doesn't need the development and definitely doesn't need to risk injury in the last year of his contract before any deal gets done. Joining training camp halfway through the session seems convoluted, and that's why I think Jones may be holding out until preseason at the earliest. I still have full confidence he will sign a deal though; it just doesn't make sense that he wouldn't given what's in front of him.

It's time to move on from Jody Fortson

Folks, Jody Fortson just is not it. He's great in the redzone, can make catches and get open, yes, but the injury prone nature as well as the lack of open field plays called his way are telling of where Fortson's career is headed. He's not going to replace Kelce, that's for certain. Fortson injured his shoulder in drills Sunday and was a non-participant in today's session, signaling bad omens for an already injury prone player. With the advent of Matt Bushman and good, steady play from Blake Bell as well, things just aren't looking good. He's had plenty of chances and has shown flashes of greatness, but the Chiefs cannot continue to be let down and led on. I can see Bushman bumping Fortson from a roster spot if things continue to go well for him, and unless Fortson comes back and makes a splash, whether in preseason or training camp, I simply do not see the reason why the Chiefs would keep him on the roster.

The fighting is absolutely nothing to worry about.

For my final takeaway, I've been seeing a lot of people concerned about the recent scuffles going on at camp between teammates. Specifically, ones involving Travis Kelce. Football is an intense game, and when it gets hot out that intensity only grows larger due to shorter temperaments and a stressful environment. Kelce took full accountability for his actions and agreed that he had to do better and be a better leader, but even so I think people overreacted to what went on between him and other Chiefs players. Really just the fighting in general. Players are going to be antsy to hit and be aggressive, it's the start of the season and again, the heat doesn't exactly help that. Tempers flared and almost immediately calmed down, it's a contact sport. It happens, the important thing is you dust yourself off and you take accountability. That's exactly what happened, and we need to leave it at that. There's nothing going on between Kelce and anyone else and the team chemistry absolutely does not need to be put into question.

What are some of your takeaways though? Anything you've noticed or any hot takes you have regarding the first week of camp? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or on social media for a chance to be featured!

Burn Notice: 10/10 The air is soup and it's terrible. July in the Midwest is no joke.

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