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Chiefs' Offseason Update: The Sky is Falling and Everything is Awful...or is it?

The Chiefs were one of the teams that made a few key offseason moves to start the period of free agency. This period, starting after the NFL combine, is one of the biggest offseason weeks in the NFL. It defines which players will stay, which players will go, and kicks off the period of seeing where those players will go next. All-important decisions are made during the first week of March, and for the Chiefs, all-important decisions were made. To some, the decisions made yesterday perplex, bewilder, or even scare the absolute bejeezus out of you (you must be new here, welcome!) and to others, this is business as usual for Brett Veach and company, and Veach will find a way. We call it #VeachBlackMagic around here. What were these moves that have Chiefs Kingdom in such a controversial state you may ask? For starters, Orlando Brown, Jr. and the Chiefs could not reach a deal regarding a potential franchise tag for the left tackle, allowing Brown to pursue free agency if he so pleases. The Chiefs have a week to strike a deal with Brown, and if they don't, he is more than likely to look elsewhere. Brown is more than likely looking to be one of if not the highest paid tackle in the league, and the Chiefs challenged him on it. Brown had zero sacks allowed in the postseason. Secondly, the Chiefs could not reach a deal on an extension for Frank Clark, thereby releasing him from his contract as a Chief. Clark had 7.5 sacks in the 2022-23 season, 2.5 of which came in the playoffs. Both guys were considered key players toward the championship run, which is why so many people are freaking out that they are, in all likelihood at least, leaving. All hell hath broken loose, and the Mahomes contract hath finally reeked havoc on this ill-fated Chiefs troupe. Send in the authorities, the Chiefs have taken a turn for the worst...or have they?

I think most of the grief some Chiefs fans have is based in sentiment for these guys, or at least it should be. Certainly not stating they are bad players, they're definitely not and will be missed for all they did for the Chiefs which is why that grief exists in the first place, but merely I am stating that the Chiefs have been down this road before. It led to a Super Bowl victory, this past one to be exact. What a lot of people do not understand is that Brett Veach is EXCELLENT at his job and that he more than likely has a plan laid out. The Chiefs will be needing a left tackle and another pass rusher now, one that they will more than likely find in the draft. Let's look at Veach's track record for drafting though, specifically last year. George Karlaftis, Joshua Williams, Isiah Pacheco, Jaylen Watson, Skyy Moore, and Trent McDuffie were key contributors as well towards the championship run and were also drafted by the Chiefs this past year. That is SIX rookies that had a significant impact on a Super Bowl run, not bad. Not only is Veach good at his job though, but Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and the supporting cast behind them are.

My point being is this: Were Orlando Brown, Jr. and Frank Clark key contributors? Of course, but let's look at who this team is trying to build around. The core of Reid, Mahomes, Kelce, and Jones, the BIGGEST key contributors towards this Chiefs team, and thus far Veach has done a miraculous job at #1 keeping that core together, #2 Bringing in guys that could be core contributors very soon with the likes of the linebacking corps, Creed Humphrey, L'Jarius Sneed, Kadarius Toney, and other young talent brought on by the Veach regime, and #3 playing the long game and centering how players are picked based on the inner core of this team. Clark and Brown, Jr. did their job, but in the end, they asked for too much while not being a core piece to this Chiefs' team. They played well but were dispensable. It's professional sports and it is a cruel place, but I reiterate that logic and teambuilding will prevail. Qualities that our dear Brett Veach and Andy Reid possess in droves. Do not fret Chiefs Kingdom, this is all part of the plan and we must trust in Brett Veach much like we trusted in him last year, and this time, this trust has been verified by yet another Lombardi. #VeachBlackMagic will strike again, and sooner than you think.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Some men just like to watch the world burn. Brett Veach is that man for many.

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