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Chiefs of the AFC: KC Wins their 3rd AFC Championship in 4 Years

The Chiefs are back in the Super Bowl after a thrilling 23-20 victory last night over the Cincinatti Bengals. Patrick Mahomes, on one leg, threw for 326 yards, 2 touchdowns, and a 105.4 passer rating. Not only that, but the Chiefs had 3 of their top wide receivers in Kadarius Toney, Juju Smith-Shuster, and Mecole Hardman injured throughout the contest, at one point all three being injured. Marquez Valdez-Scantling came up huge, with 6 catches for 116 yards and a touchdown. NOT ONLY THAT THOUGH however, but Travis Kelce was also a gametime decision, as he was dealing with back spasms. He had 7 catches for 78 yards and a touchdown.

This game was a prime example of the "next man up" mentality. Sometimes your team suffers setbacks, the important thing is to be willing and able to carry that weight and excel in spite of the setbacks. In this case, everything was working against the Chiefs, but the Chiefs stood tall and persevered. The defense looked spectacular, pressuring Joe Burrow, getting sacks, tackles for loss, and turnovers. 20 points looks like a lot, but in the case of this game, it could have been a blowout if the Chiefs were at full strength. You see a lot of excuses of the NFL being "rigged", the referees being bad (they were, but it was evenly called so it's an unjustified excuse) that the last call shouldn't of been called for the "respect of the game" (Absolute malarky, it was clear and obvious, so it had to be called. What are you even talking about?) or that somehow, some way, the Chiefs just "didn't win correctly/genuinely" Quoting Kansas City radio legend Mitch Holthus: "You can doubt the Chiefs, you can dislike the Chiefs, you can disrespect the Chiefs. You're gonna have to deal with the Chiefs as the AFC champions." These words summarize the Chiefs as an organization, the new big man on campus that's hated because they're ridiculously good. To win, even after all that happened to this team over not only the course of the postseason, but the entire year, is a feat that very, very few thought could be accomplished. When you have a generational talent such as Patrick Mahomes, however, things like this, moments like this become the norm. Absolute domination by an athlete that is one of a kind. Obviously he did not do it himself, but the motivation this team had by watching Mahomes continue to dominate even after the injury was incredibly influential and impacted this team in such a way that that "next man up" mentality was accentuated. This team is a dynasty, and the NFL will just have to deal with this team being incredibly blessed with the likes of an incredibly gifted athlete. When you have a player that is at the top of their game and can win like Mahomes wins (ala one Tom Brady, but more athletically talented) you're going to get skepticism and hate. At face value, it's annoying and upsetting to receive this, but if you look deeper, you see a deep admiration of greatness that is unbelievable to others that are not as familiar with the way Mahomes plays. We are witnessing the growth of one of the greatest NFL players of all time, and although it may sound like vitriol, deep down those that doubt and disrespect are actually infatuated with the greatness they are witnessing. They're just looking for excuses, like we've seen with Bengals fans. Talking a bunch of trash only to have it thrown back in their face, them realizing they probably shouldn't have motivated a great player like Mahomes with that trash talking, and now backtracking and making excuses for losing.

Mahomes's greatness is undeniable, the CHIEFS' greatness is undeniable. The proof is in the recent history of the NFL, and the sooner opposing fans, players, and coaches, media pundits, and general critics realize that (They more than likely already have, as explained above) the better. Put some respect on the Mahomes name and the Kansas City Chiefs, recognize that you're witnessing history and the advent of a generational talent at the peak of his craft, and know that it's probably not ending anytime soon. Enjoy it, learn to appreciate it, and quit making excuses. The one justified excuse is that this Chiefs team has built itself into a dynasty on the back of Mahomes, and that they're not going anywhere. Put up your best game or shut your mouth, Jabroni.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Super Bowl in Arizona, could you imagine if it was held in like, June? It's inside so it wouldn't matter but hypothetically speaking.

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