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Caged Wolf: Chiefs Superfan Turned Serial Bank Robber Captured in California

Earlier today, FBI officers captured and arrested fugitive bank robber Xavier Babudar in Sacramento, California. He had been on the run since getting released on bail earlier this year for robbing assorted financial institutions across the country of more than $850,000 total. Babudar was originally caught and arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma after robbing a teacher's credit union back in December.

Now, you may be wondering what the actual heck this has to do with sports. You must have not read the title or you know, kept up with recent local news (shoot, NATIONAL news talked about it. The Chargers mentioned the story in their schedule release video for pete's sake!) over the past few months. I forgive you and I'll let it slide for now, let me give you the rundown. Xavier Babudar is also known as Chiefs superfan ChiefsAHolic. He had a heavy online and in person presence as one of the most popular superfans in Chiefs Kingdom. He dawned a wolf mask and costume, Chiefs hat, jersey, and pants, and bright yellow shoes. Think KC Wolf, but on methamphetamine. He would attend multiple Chiefs games throughout the season, bet massive amounts of money on the Chiefs, and flaunt his luxurious lifestyle all over social media. The thing is nobody really knew what he did to garner the funding for his ostentatious life. Really the only clue he ever gave was a tweet, meant to be motivational in nature (knowing what we know now though it's pretty ironic) reading as followed: "After graduating KSU in 2016 I was working a warehouse job making $12 an hour. Today I manage multiple warehouses throughout the Midwest region and make an excellent living, and I'm only 28 years old. Hard work pays off and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise."

I guess if you count hard work as robbing and terrorizing banks across the United States, then yeah, I guess it pays off. Crime does, in fact, pay, I suppose. I feel like there's better, less illegal ways of making money though. Ways that don't land you in federal prison/on the run for 4 months THEN landing in federal prison, you know? There's also better ways of getting into Chiefs games and betting on said Chiefs games, but you know, Xavier can do Xavier. We can see where it landed him, if nothing else it's a good lesson and will make a fantastic 30 for 30 one day. Don't rob banks to go to Chiefs games people, the Chiefs truly are not that important. Take it from a lifelong Chiefs fan himself. Fun story, he'll be remembered, but for all the wrong reasons. Let's not put Chiefs Kingdom in this negative of a light ever again, shall we?

Burn Notice: 10/10 Babudar got burnt

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