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BurnKC MoKan Top 25 High School Football: Week 3

Week 3 saw plenty of action in area high school football. Teams rose, teams fell, and some? Well they stayed the same. Let's have a look:

  1. Liberty North

  2. Mill Valley

  3. Lee's Summit North

  4. Bishop Meige

  5. Aquinas

  6. Olathe West

  7. Blue Valley Northwest

  8. Ray-Pec

  9. Olathe Northwest

  10. Park Hill South

  11. Kearney

  12. Olathe North

  13. Rockhurst

  14. Lawrence

  15. Blue Valley

  16. Eudora

  17. Liberty

  18. St. James

  19. Fort Osage

  20. Park Hill

  21. Lee's Summit

  22. Raytown

  23. Center

  24. Smithville

  25. Blue Springs South

Others Receiving Votes: Platte County, Olathe South, DeSoto, Pleasant Hill, Blue Valley West, Tonganoxie, NKC

Another decent shakeup here especially at the higher rankings, Kansas finally breaks into the Top 3 with Mill Valley taking Ray-Pec's place at #2. Bishop Meige also moves to the cusp of the Top 3, with Aquinas rounding out the Top 5. Kansas now has more schools in the Top 5 than Missouri, but that doesn't mean things could change as the year goes on and competition heats up with the Missouri schools. I have a feeling we're gonna see a lot of moving parts there... Ray-Pec and Blue Valley Northwest however fall moderately after taking a couple of ranked losses to Liberty and Aquinas, who both move up moderately due to their successes. After a tough loss last week, that Liberty team looks to be back on track. The surprise of this edition is Kearney though. After a few ranked wins in convincing fashion, the Bulldogs have found themselves going from unranked, to #11 in the rankings in 3 weeks. An incredible performance from a program that was expected to be licking their wounds from offseason and last year's troubles. Park Hill unfortunately took a tumble this past Friday, losing to formerly ranked Blue Springs South, who once again finds themselves ranked. The others receiving votes section is getting kind of crowded as these teams rise and fall, and we'll see if teams like Platte County, who had a big win this week, DeSoto, Pleasant Hill, and others can find their way on like Raytown. Tune in next week to find out which teams will live up to their ranking and then some, and those that will take a fall in next week's edition!

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