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Burning Question: What Do You Think of Taylor Swift's Presence at Chiefs Games?

Yep, we're doing this. If you haven't already heard, which honestly unless you live under a rock you, in all likelihood, have, Taylor Swift is casually(?) dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Swift and Kelce connected around July of 2023, when Swift was in town for her "Eras" Tour concert per Cosmopolitan (Geez I never thought I'd actually source them in an article...) Travis wrote his number on a "friendship bracelet" (apparently big in Swiftie culture) to give to her, but was not able to give it to the pop star for reasons unknown. What is known, however, is that the rumors started to boil when this was mentioned on Travis Kelce's "New Heights" podcast on July 26th, shown below:

On September 12th, those rumors started to become hotter and hotter, as it was revealed that Kelce and Swift had been in contact and had been "casually affectionate and friendly" toward one another. Then, on September 24th at the Chiefs/Bears game at Arrowhead, it finally happened. Swift came to Travis's football game to cheer him on, next to Donna Kelce no less, and left the stadium with him post-game to explore Kansas City. "Shout out to Taylor for pulling up. That was pretty ballsy...She looked amazing..." Travis said in a later New Heights episode. Swift would later show up to another Chiefs game when the Chiefs played the Jets in New York this past Sunday. It is said to be a "private, casual relationship that could develop into something further." and that they "Really like each other." per multiple sources.

NOW, enough news, time for opinions, such is the case for the Burning Question segments. Personally, I do not mind this relationship. If Travis is happy and Taylor is too, good for them and I hope it stays that way. This could be a power couple to rival that of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Travis is the longest tenured Chief on the roster as well, there should be a lot of love for him here no matter who he chooses to date and whoever he chooses, as long as she makes him happy we as a fanbase should be happy. He's a human, it's his personal life and whoever makes him happy and grows with him, we should support that. What WON'T make me happy though however is if this becomes a distraction for him and his level of play dwindles because the lights are too bright. It wouldn't be Taylor's fault by any means, but it's a risk he is taking by dating another superstar. Comes with the territory but is preventable. Not only this, but you've got to roll with the punches. There is a TON of negative commentary from opposing fans, players, and even coaches and media. Travis has to ignore it or embrace it, we as the fans and Chiefs franchise have to ignore it or embrace it. Much like how the NFL is doing, to be honest (Again, something I'd never thought I'd do. Give the NFL their flowers for doing something right!) the NFL is actually eating this up. Travis Kelce's jersey sales are up a whopping 400% since this relationship blossomed, Swifties are diehard fans that will support anything Taylor, and it's making both the Chiefs and the NFL a TON of money.

There's a caveat to this, however. With the advent of the wave of new fans and higher demand, comes higher prices. Chiefs games, in all likelihood, will become more expensive, more expensive than they were before which is saying something. This could frustrate fans, rightfully so. The Chiefs have to also tread carefully in how they handle this, otherwise it could blow right back in their faces. Not only that, but if this romance sours, that money is gone and it could result in a bad hit to both the Chiefs and the NFL if they do not treat the financial/social phenomena situation with care. Overall, this is a high risk, high reward situation, but again, it's still Travis Kelce's personal life, and obsessing over it as well as trying to make a quick buck off of it is, in a shade, wrong. Leave people to their peace, it's why I refuse to take my journalism passion/career to paparazzi levels. Please don't take this as obsession over Travis's personal life, me writing about this, I am merely being the KC sports reporter and blogger I am. This is KC sports news, I report it and comment on it, but until something major happens regarding this romance that affects the Chiefs or Travis Kelce's PLAY this is the last I will speak of it.

What do you think of this situation though? Any thoughts or opinions regarding how this could affect the Chiefs or your opinion on the Chiefs and Travis Kelce's play? Let me know in the comments or social media!

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