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Burn KC MoKan High School Football Rankings: Week 5

  1. Liberty North

  2. Mill Valley

  3. Bishop Miege

  4. Lee's Summit North

  5. Aquinas

  6. Blue Valley Northwest

  7. Olathe North

  8. Kearney

  9. Lawrence

  10. Ray Pec

  11. Eudora

  12. Center

  13. Smithville

  14. Blue Valley West

  15. Gardner-Edgerton

  16. NKC

  17. Oak Park

  18. St. Pius X

  19. Pleasant Hill

  20. Olathe West

  21. Olathe South

  22. Liberty

  23. Staley

  24. Basehor-Linwood

  25. DeSoto

Others Receiving Votes: Shawnee Mission North, Blue Valley, Blue Springs South, Raytown, Fort Osage, Park Hill South

You may have noticed some changes, after all it's been two weeks since I've written on high school football. My apologies, as the rankings have kind of shaken up. You know, just a little. Park Hill, St. James, Olathe West, Lee's Summit, Rockhurst, and others have all found themselves on the outside looking in since Week 3. Newcomers include Oak Park, St. Pius X, Gardner-Edgerton, Staley, and a few others from the receiving votes section jumping in. Since Week 3 as well, we've got a shaken up Top 5 (Though the Top 3 remain the same) and Top 10, with stellar breakout teams such as Kearney, Lawrence, and Olathe North. As I currently keep up with the scores tonight, it's looking like there's going to be more massive changes. High school football is extremely volatile, anything can happen any given Friday. Let's get into some players to watch, a new segment to these rankings. We've got a few standoouts:

*=Star Ranking



2. DE Adepoju Adebawore, NKC **** COMMITTED OKLAHOMA

3. OT Logan Reichart, Raytown**** COMMITTED MISSOURI

4. DE Chandavian Bradley, Platte County **** COMMITTED TENNESSEE


6. WR Joshua Manning, Lee's Summit **** COMMITTED MISSOURI

7. WR Jaidyn Doss, Ray-Pec *** COMMITTED NEBRASKA

8. WR Ricky Ahumaraeze, Liberty *** COMMITTED NORTHWESTERN

9. QB Sam Van Dyne, Liberty North *** UNDECIDED

10. RB Mana Tapusoa, Blue Springs *** COMMITTED AIR FORCE


  1. TE Jayden Hamm, Eudora *** COMMITTED ARKANSAS

  2. WR Andre Davis, Blue Valley *** COMMITTED KANSAS STATE

  3. DE Jordan Allen, Olathe South *** COMMITTED KANSAS STATE

  4. OT Calvin Clements, Lawrence Free State *** COMMITTED BAYLOR

  5. OG Camden Beebe, Piper *** COMMITTED KANSAS STATE

  6. WR Jaiden Bender, Eudora *** UNDECIDED

  7. QB Parker Leise, Shawnee Mission East *** COMMITTED KANSAS

  8. CB DeAndre Beasley Jr., Bishop Miege ** UNDECIDED

  9. QB Mac Armstrong, Bishop Miege RISER, UNDECIDED

  10. RB Colton Bruvsen, Tonganoxie RISER, UNDECIDED

These guys work hard every day at their craft, and big schools have taken notice. In the Kansas rankings (Since it is incredibly difficult to find top players in Kansas outside of those with stars) I have included two guys that have impressed stat-wise. Mac Armstrong leads all of Kansas in passing yards per game through Week 5 with 1485 total yards passing, 365 yards per game, 77% completion %, and 13 total TDs. A simply dominant performance that deserves recognition from schools, the only issue is his size at 6 ft. 175 ilbs. He bulks up, he's a Drew Brees-esque quarterback. As for Colton Bruvsen, he is in 4th behind Tre Richardson (Topeka), Omari Elias (Wichita), and Eddie McLaughlin (Another great player from Leavenworth) I wanted to focus on Colton though because of his success in past seasons as well as his success in wrestling. I think he'll go to school for wrestling, but is still a very, very good football player that deserves a flyer from schools like Kansas, K-State, and others. As for Missouri rankings, Missouri is brimming with talent. I left off quite a few big performers on that list, so I'll probably do some players of the week from here on out.

I introduced the player rankings because I wanted to get these guys' names out there. Tell me if you'd wanna see some Missouri RISERS as well, as the star rankings won't change, but the kids balling out will. I named off the guys with stars by their name, but in the end stars don't matter, effort, commitment, numbers, and efficiency do.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Stoke the flames of success through grit.

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