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Blues Week 1 Preview: Metropolis

The Kansas City Blues kick off the fall competitive season tomorrow against a solid Metropolis (MN) program. After a tough loss against the Minnesota based team to end the fall season last year, the boys look to their momentum gained toward the end of 7s season, as well as new pieces, new play styles, and a new coach in Derek Pearson. Opening up against a stout Metropolis team with a lot of size and speed will be a true litmus test for the Blues, and a win here would set the tone for this new look Blues squad. "Early in the season, it's all about fundamentals and maintaining possession. Every team is going to have a lot of new players and different player combinations so typically that first match teams will be a bit rusty...We need to focus on keeping it simple, maintaining possession, and stringing phases together." says former Blues president and player Chris George.

With Metropolis having already played their first game last weekend, Metro has the edge in getting the kinks out and having game experience. "The team that played against Palmer isn't the team we will see this weekend." Prop Scott McAvoy says. The young Blues lineup will have to adjust as they go, and as Chris George said, keep it simple. This does not mean play without intensity. "If we press up together as a defense and talk those boys will go nowhere with the ball." exclaimed forward Mamadee Tullah. With that intensity though, must come organization and discipline. Again, Metro is a tough squad, and will give the Blues all they can handle, but with a sort of new air to this program and a new attitude this team can show relentlessness as well as fluidity. Winning on the physical side of the ball while also winning possession and set pieces will be key. Limit turnovers, make tackles, clean passes, and keep possession. "On offense we need to be right on top of our ball carriers in the rucks so they cannot cause turnovers, and so we can produce good clean ball from our scrum half so we can play fast offensively and keep them on their back foot." says George again.

The season opener just so happens to be the home opener for the Blues as well, which has brought a lot of excitement from players, fans, and coaches alike. With new additions like Cael Hodgson on MLR loan, Liam McLoughlin from South Africa, and Isikeli Fukofuka, a young New Zealand prop, this team will have talent and experience from all over, which will be extremely beneficial to a squad that will need that extra edge. Other than that, the Blues are at Field 1 in Swope Soccer Village for another exciting matchup. Old friends, Blues alum, and plenty of beer and food will be there. The team is hoping to bring in more fans this season with bigger promotion and bring rugby more into not only the KC spotlight, but the US spotlight as we approach 2031. $5 gets you entry to a fun, competitive atmosphere with plenty of excitement to go around. The Blues D3 will kick off the action at 1pm against a solid UCM program, shortly after at 3pm the Blues D1 side will take on Metropolis. Let's get a great turnout for Kansas City's premier rugby club, and show that in Kansas City, rugby means business.

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