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Blues Go Into Crucial St. Louis Weekend

The Blues Sevens season has been up and down, left and right this year. Lot's of good moments, but the fair share of bad ones as well. This has left them on the outside looking in as we approach the playoffs in Chicago. If the Blues have any chance at playing in Chicago, this tournament is a must win. Not do well in, win outright.

This being said, the Blues have the tools to complete the task. Plenty of speed from guys like Kyle Renner, LaQuinton Banks, Nehemiah Jones, and others, as well as guys that, though not as fast, can still move and have the skills to be great. One of these guys is KU Rugby bruiser Trevor Lister. The Blues have the talent, but just need the fluidity, fitness, and chemistry to flow just right. They've caught some tough breaks at these qualifier tournaments, but with the tutelage from Kevin Schwartze and Derek Pearson (Who by the way, will be interviewed at some point within the month for the site, stay tuned) this team has the ability to conquer and the resolve to make a last hard run at a national playoff spot. It'll be tough with the competition there, the Chicago Lions and Metropolis Rugby have always had solid sides come out and the Blues should expect nothing less this tournament, however if everything clicks and everyone prepares properly (some alliteration for ya) this team has every chance at winning in the inferior city in Missouri. You have ribs, we have literally everything else. That "research-based" poll is a pile of you know what and you know it. Yes I know that is not a sports take, I do not care. Blues by 90. Off my soapbox.

Burn Notice: 9/10 I've had better BBQ in Sparta, Wisconsin than I have in STL

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